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Dell Software vous propose de maitriser vos environnements Microsoft avec une stratégie BYOD robuste.

Dell Software vous propose de maitriser vos environnements Microsoft avec une stratégie BYOD robuste.


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Découvrez comment Maitriser, Contrôler, Gérer vos environnements IT de manière simples et innovantes que ce soit sur les environnements physiques ou virtuels.

Découvrez comment Maitriser, Contrôler, Gérer vos environnements IT de manière simples et innovantes que ce soit sur les environnements physiques ou virtuels.



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  • Who is Quest? Founded in 1987 we have over 25 years of experience simplifying common IT challenges Some of the largest customers in the world depend on Quest products We have a history of innovation and acquisition that strengthen our product portfolio to deliver increased customer value We’ve historically invested more than our competition, allowing us to out-innovate our peers Nearly 4,000 employees worldwide
  • Dell is very different than it was just a couple of years ago, and now uniquely positioned to provide End to End solutions from the device to the data center to the cloud Servers, we’re a leader around the world and our latest Server launch has proven that with time to market and differentiated capabilities Networking, we’ve gotten best in class technology with Force10 and will continue to grow Storage, we’ve acquired best in class technology, we’ve developed the ISCSI market with EqualLogic and are scaling Compellent Services, we grew 8% last year and see continued strong growth in backlog and new signings Cloud, customers simply want solutions that fit – on premise/private, public, hybrid.. we’re making investments in Cloud End User Computing .. seeing many new use cases for moving client compute out of the device and into the data center or the cloud Software.. We already have software capability across these domains, but we’ve brought in John Swainson who will continue to build out and expand our Dell IP in these domains and in software, driving true differentiation from our competitors
  • Quest, now a part of Dell, offers six solution families in the areas of systems management, security and BI. Our simple approach ensures that IT is equipped to deliver value to the business faster than ever before.We are the clear leader in Windows Management. Best known for our ability to migrate and consolidate with zero impact to the business. But we have a whole management suite that optimizes the MSFT infrastructure, increases security and greatly improves the productivity of your admins.We are the #1 independent leader in database development & management tools. Our Toad product line has over 2 million users – and we’re now taking that market-leading technology and simplifying business intelligence.No matter how great your IT dept is, you will always be measured by your end users and customers on one thing: how are the applications performing. Foglight is an award-winning performance monitoring solution that quickly finds and resolves performance issues across physical, virtual and now cloud environments.Our Data Protection product family, led by NetVault, simplifies backup and recovery across physical, virtual and application environments.Access to data is more complex than ever to manage, Quest One is the most flexibility and cost-effective Identity and Access Management solution on the market today.With today’s mobile workforce, it’s not about managing the device anymore, it’s about managing the user and ensuring they have secure access to everything they need to get their job done without creating risk to the organization. Together, Quest and Dell deliver the most comprehensive solutions for securely managing the “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement.All of these solutions combined enable IT to deliver greater value to the business, faster.
  • In a perfect world, your network would suffer no downtime and be locked down tight. You'd be in perfect compliance with all government regulations, and your users would all be self-supporting. The cloud would take care of nearly all your infrastructure needs, and there wouldn't be a single device accessing the network you didn't first approve of and control.Also: You'd finally get the respect and admiration you truly deserve.Good luck with all that. The gap between your dreams and cold hard reality just gets wider every day. That doesn't mean you should give up, but it does mean you need to get real about what you can change and what you must accept.Here are 10 things IT must learn to live with.
  • The BYOD revolution is here to stayMore workplaces these days resemble a geeky party that's BYOD (bring your own device). The problem? Many IT departments never got an invitation or failed to RSVP."Users will simply go around IT and use personal tech for business purposes," says Nathan Clevenger, chief software architect at ITR Mobility. "That is a much more dangerous situation from a security standpoint than supporting the consumer devices in the first place.“IT needs to steer a course between blocking consumer tech and allowing unfettered access to the network from any device, notes RaffiTchakmakjian, VP of product management at Trellia."BYOD is a scenario IT departments are learning to live with, but they struggle to manage them from a security, cost, and operations perspective," he says.
  • Disruptive change driven by technology change is happening at a faster rate than ever before. In my 30+ years in this industry, I have always observed changes in technology that created new ways to create business value, and put at risk the old ways of doing things. However, today we are seeing these trends converging and putting concurrent demands on IT like never before. The pace has never been faster. The risks have never been greater. The demands have never been higher.And yet, within these trends lies opportunity.Part of the reason is that the role of IT has never been so important, so critical to the success of companies both large and small. Some businesses are built around IT (Amazon, eBay, Intuit). The role of IT today, when executed properly, drives value, protects the company and enables access to information anytime, anywhere, and on most any device.DATA CENTER: Inside the datacenter, we have seen the relentless advance of Moore’s law making computing, data and networking resources vastly more powerful …now we are seeing these capabilities physically converged and virtualized both within the enterprise and to the public cloud. The challenge is to manage the applications so that they can be securely and seamlessly deployed to new platforms or to the cloud without disrupting the businessINFORMATION MANAGEMENT: Data is everywhere, the challenge for businesses large and small is to gain insights from increasing volumes of data more rapidly, using standardized hardware and software that doesn’t require a phd in computer science to operate. MOBILITY: Businesses are looking for ways to allow their employees to bring personal devices to work without putting at risk key corporate data. It requires that IT has the tools to implement a holistic solution that encompasses all device categories without compromising key elements like security SECURITY: Privacy and Security are becoming more and more important. Given the value of the information that most businesses have on line, it is key that you can secure your data, network, and applications from the threat of attack or loss.
  • Device & Application Management Dell Quest Management eXtensions (QMX) allowsorganizations that use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to safely incorporate more than 120 non-Microsoft platforms, including Android, iPad, and iPhone devices, as well as Macs. QMX also extends System Center Operations Manager to over 250 non-Windows extensions, further increasing control while decreasing the need for multiple systems.  Dell Quest ChangeBASEautomates application testing and remediation, as well as conversion to virtualization, so corporations can ensure their applications are up and running quickly, and operating in their most optimal state. In addition, ChangeBASE automates application fixes for batches of applications, rather than one at a time, thus keeping users productive, while eliminating much of the time and expense associated with migrations.  Dell vWorkspace and vWorkspace – MokaFiveSuite offer a web access portal that gives corporations the tools needed to create app stores and portals for virtual and offline desktops, thus providing a system for effectively delivering applications in virtual environments with controlled user access and authorization. vWorkspace ensures the most secure user and administrator access, resulting in a protected environment that balances user freedom with corporate control. vWorkspace – MokaFive Suite allows management of users who have limited connectivity, yet require secure access to their applications and data anytime, and from anywhere.  Access Management  Dell Quest One Identity Manager is an enterprise-wide solution that streamlines the access governance process of managing user identities, privileges, and security, enabling IT to address major identity and access management challenges at a fraction of the time or expense associated with traditional framework solutions. Acts as one point of control for all devices – those provisioned by the company and those brought in by employees – to ensure consistent policy and enforcement of access and audits.  Dell Mobile IT enables administrators to securely access critical IT applications from a mobile device. The platform delivers mobile administration and remote IT management to Dell solutions and many other IT applications, so administrators can respond to issues quickly even when they’re not on site.  Dell Quest Webthoritygranularly secures remote employee access to applications and systems, based on established policy, infrastructure, and authentication and authorization practices. With Webthority, organizations can provide users with access to critical internal resources (including corporate cloud and web-based applications) from outside of the corporate network on an individual computer. It ensures a consistent and convenient end-user experience, including single sign-on, while protecting sensitive resources from direct exposure via the web.  Dell Quest Defender secures and controls access to critical corporate data and applications, providing an additional layer of authentication security, a multifactor authentication platform solution that augments BYOD authentication attempts with a more secure second factor, including the ability for the device itself to be the second factor delivery mechanism. Dell Quest One Authorization Policy Server enables organizations to manage the massive influx of users linking their smartphones and other devices to corporate networks as a result of the BYOD movement. It enables consistent management of access to heterogeneous applications, Web services, and data across the enterprise through fine-grained authorization using the XACML standard, thus enabling organizations to secure and control the process by which critical internal resources are accessed from outside of the corporate network or via a desktop.
  • From a technology perspective, Dell has a unique position as a true end-to-end IT solutions provider. While there is driving change at the device level, this in turn requires investment in the back-end infrastructure to support new devices and use-cases. We have a robust portfolio at the device level as well as a suite services and solutions which spans servers, storage, networking, software, security and systems management. Some of our products and solutions include: Business client portfolio – business class tools with consumer appeal means optimal control for IT with the best security and manageability available, and a range of form factors for workers to choose fromXPS 13 – aligns with the Dell consumerization vision by delivering devices that intersect the needs on consumer preferences and ITDell Quest systems management and security capabilities- extensive portfolio of solutions enable organizations to assess, manage & govern and support their environmentsDell KACE systems management capabilities - distributed PC and device management to manage the flow of information of workforcesDell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) - allows users to access their desktops on any capable device and allows IT professionals to keep company data secure and protected and reduces data duplication. And with the acquisition of Wyse, Dell is now the leader in thin clientsDell Security Solutions – offers a range of solutions to protect data and intellectual property – from the end-point to the cloud Dell Boomi – integration technology allows customers to connect nearly any combination of SaaS and on-premise applications easily and cost effectively
  • IT is filled with unprecedented challenges. Challenges that strike at the very core of your productivity and success. Dell has listened and we’ve invested in a portfolio of software solutions that build off of our core strengths, address these challenges, and SIMPLIFIES I.T., MITIGATES RISK, and ACCELERATES business and IT results.We highlighted six customers that are using these products. Thousands more of our customers, including many of you, are using these products today to: Manage and migrate data across physical, virtual, or cloud Monitor and administer applications and users to maximize performance Backup and recover data quickly Gain needed insights into data with powerful analytic tools Democratize information-based decision making and empower users Embrace BYOD without sacrificing IT imperatives (security, access, bandwidth management, data protection) Secure everything, everywhere, at all times Dell Software has the scale, expertise, and industry recognition needed to deliver IT solutions that are dramatically different than the enterprise software you have come to expect.NOTE: discuss who else in IT you should discuss these challenges with. For example, the person in charge of the storage network; the person in charge of data management. There are a variety of personas that have influence in the consideration of new solutions that may be new inputs into a sales process

Dell Software vous propose de maitriser vos environnements Microsoft avec une stratégie BYOD robuste. Dell Software vous propose de maitriser vos environnements Microsoft avec une stratégie BYOD robuste. Presentation Transcript