A 1 percentage pointincrease in broadbandpenetration increasesnew business registrationby 3.8%Source: Stockholm School of ...
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The Networked Society Essentials

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We are on the brink of an extraordinary revolution. A world connected in real time will place many new requirements on all of us while opening up opportunities beyond our imagination. Our new Networked Society Essentials kit explores the emerging possibilities of a connected world.

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The Networked Society Essentials

  1. 1. A 1 percentage pointincrease in broadbandpenetration increasesnew business registrationby 3.8%Source: Stockholm School of Economics, 2012For every 1,000 connections,80 new jobs are createdSource: Ericsson and Arthur D Little,2010-2011Each minute:- 100,000 tweets- 48 hours of YouTube video- 680,000 items shared onFacebookSource: thesocialskinny.com... redefininglearning andeducation...A CONNECTEDWORLD IS JUSTTHE BEGINNINGConnectingpeople is justthe start.But whatdoes this meanto me?In the NetworkedSociety, connectivitywill be the startingpoint for new waysof innovating,collaborating andsocializing.Freedom,empowerment,and opportunityIt’s about bringing uscloser to our nearestand dearest...25% of smartphonetraffic and 40% oftablet traffic is videoSource: Ericsson Mobility Report, 2012... reunitingloved ones...Coursera hosts over 200 online coursesfor nearly 1.3 million studentsSource: BBC... and creatinga world ofconversations.It’s abouttransformingindustries...... by disruptingestablishedbusinessmodels...“Why shouldn’t the car beconnected? It’s the ultimatemobile device.”Paul Mascarenas,CTO, Ford MotorCompanyThen: $10 = 1 CDNow: $10 = over 20 millionsongs streamed to your mobiledevice using Spotify... and by creatingnew jobopportunities.Broadband= businessThe NetworkedSociety will bringsignificant economic,social and environmentalbenefits to hundreds ofmillions of people.It’s aboutkick-startingeconomies...Doubling connectionspeeds yields a 0.3percentage pointincrease in GDPSource: Ericsson and Arthur D Little, 2010-2011... banking theunbanked...Up to one-third ofKenya’s GDP passesthrough the mobile bankingplatform M-PESASource: Tech Crunch... and helpingsolve somehuge globalchallenges.In 2020, ICT could reduceoil consumption by 21.6billion barrelsSource: GeSI SMARTer 2020 reportThe Millennium Villages Projecthas brought connectivity to over500,000 people in 11 countriesin Sub-Saharan AfricaWhen one person connects,their world changes.With everything connected,our world changes.The worldis gettingsmaller.It took 100 years toconnect 1 billion places and25 years to connect5 billion peopleSource: Ericsson Mobility Report, 2012By 2020 there will be50 billionconnected devices - 6 forevery connected personSource: Broadband Commission, 2012185,000 people haveregistered on RefugeesUnited’s family-tracingplatformSource: Refugees Unitedwww.ericsson.com/networkedsociety