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10 Deadly Reasons Most Websites Fail


Published on

Out of the millions of websites analyzed through MarketingGrader, only 26% received a passing grade. Why do so many websites fall short? In this @hubspot presentation, we've uncovered the top 10 ...

Out of the millions of websites analyzed through MarketingGrader, only 26% received a passing grade. Why do so many websites fall short? In this @hubspot presentation, we've uncovered the top 10 reasons most websites fail. Read more about it here:

Published in: Design, Technologies

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  • 1. Deadly Reasons Most Websites Fail. 10
  • 2. Remember the internet back then?
  • 3. There used to be this.
  • 4. And this.
  • 5. And this gem.
  • 6. Thankfully, websites have come a long way.
  • 7. Thankfully, websites have come a long way. (Well, sort of.)
  • 8. The truth is, most websites still make people cry.
  • 9. 72% of websites receive a failing grade of 59 or lower. -MarketingGrader
  • 10. Here’s why most sites end up in Sucksville.
  • 11. (And how to make sure yours doesn’t suck, too.)
  • 12. 1 Being one-size-fits-all.
  • 13. 1 Being one-size-fits-all. Click to tweet this slide
  • 14. Few websites tailor the experience to a visitor’s digital body language. Non- contextual marketing is death by 1,000 clicks. Even the big guys are at fault …
  • 15. Whether it’s their name, industry, or even where they are in the buying cycle, show visitors that you know them. Like this … The best websites are personalized.
  • 16. LEARN MORE: How To Use Dynamic Content For Better Conversions Download at:
  • 17. 2 Ignoring mobile.
  • 18. By 2014, more people will access the web via mobile than PC. Still, 46% of mobile users have difficulty interacting with websites. No surprise when content and links are this small …
  • 19. 62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile increased sales. Go mobile, like these guys … The best websites are optimized for any device.
  • 20. HOW DOES YOUR WEBSITE SCORE ON MOBILE? To find out, go to:
  • 21. 3 Bad use of animation.
  • 22. Too often, websites misuse animation, by cramming in more information or because it looks cool. Which is just stupid …
  • 23. Don’t use animation unless it really helps. And keep it simple, like this pleasant little doodle … The best websites use animation as a way to improve the experience, not distract from it.
  • 24. 4 Trying to do too much.
  • 25. A cluttered website is a bad website. Many over-do it, like this one …
  • 26. BAD 1
  • 27. Clearly describe what you do and what visitors should do next. That’s it. Like this … The best websites are oftentimes the simplest.
  • 28. LEARN MORE: 53 Examples of Brilliant Homepage Design Download at:
  • 29. 5 Using gobbledygook like it’s a pick up line.
  • 30. Your “cutting-edge, next generation, mission critical, and world-class platform of the future” will only make eyes roll. Avoid doing this …
  • 31. BAD 1 ?
  • 32. No jargon. No clichés. Do this instead … The best websites speak like a human, not a corporation.
  • 33. GOOD 1
  • 34. 6 Being more catchy than clear.
  • 35. Too many websites sacrifice clarity to the altar of cleverness. Like this genius headline …
  • 36. BAD 1
  • 37. Being too clever leads to confusion. Being clear leads to credibility, conversation, and conversion. Be transparent, like this … The best websites answer “what can you do for me?”
  • 38. 7 Being me-centric.
  • 39. If all you do is talk about yourself, your site turns into brochure-wear. No one cares about how many awards you’ve won or how awesome you are …
  • 40. Be a thought leader through blogging, videos, whitepapers, and other resources that are educational or entertaining. These guys get it … The best websites publish valuable content often.
  • 41. LEARN MORE: The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas Download at:
  • 42. 8 No clear call-to-action.
  • 43. The goal of a web page is simple: to get visitors to take the next logical step. If you give too many options, visitors will only hit the back-button. Like this….
  • 44. The best websites don’t make visitors think. Whether they take the form of text links, images, or buttons, calls-to-action are what motivate and direct your visitors to keep moving forward.
  • 45. FREE TEMPLATE: 27 Customizable Calls-to-Action Download at:
  • 46. 9 Annoying visitors.
  • 47. Interruptive website elements, such as ads, pop-ups, unexpected media, or deceptive links, are like telemarketers during dinner. They interfere with what people want to consume.
  • 48. Pop-up ad Ad Ad
  • 49. If you want to improve website engagement, don’t interrupt it. If you must use advertising, consider native where it is more relevant and less obtrusive. The best websites don’t interrupt the experience.
  • 50. 10 Everything.
  • 51. The best websites don’t look like this. Don’t do anything that resembles these websites. Ever.
  • 52. Don’t get stuck with a website that sucks.
  • 54. Thanks.