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Countries And Nationalities

Countries And Nationalities


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Learn countries, nationalities and languages. English for beginners.

Learn countries, nationalities and languages. English for beginners.



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  • Hi, Irenya! Nice hearing from you!
    It's all good! I just meant as healthy feedback.
    The reason I mentioned that is, as a teacher, I notice that people are more exposed to the Welsh spelling, found on coursebooks like Headway Advanced, New English File, and dictionaries like the Cambridge Advanced Learner's 3rd edition, Collins Cobuild Advanced (the black cover2009 edition)..but of course I also acknowledge the inclusion of 'Welch' in the most recent version of the Longman Contemporary fellow.
    All the other details can be displayed more carefully, on another round of great slides in the creative way you already know how to do.
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  • Hi Ana, did I??? oh my god!!! I get always lost making my way round this thing. Sorry!!! I only posted a comment on silvalu80's remark, oh my!!!! By the way, thanks for your comments, not only on this presentation but in some others I have also uploaded. :-)
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  • Sorry but you sent a reply about a comment made here on your presentation.I made a good comment.I thing you made a mistake when sent me your email.I liked very much your job.
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    Countries And Nationalities Countries And Nationalities Presentation Transcript

    • ARGENTINA ARGENTINIAN SPANISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • BRAZIL BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE Country: Nationality: Language:
    • CHILE CHILEAN SPANISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • CHINA CHINESE CHINESE Country: Nationality: Language:
    • DENMARK DANISH DANISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • ECUADOR ECUADORIAN SPANISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • EGYPT EGYPTIAN ARABIC Country: Nationality: Language:
    • FRANCE FRENCH FRENCH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • FINLAND FINNISH FINNISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • GERMANY GERMAN GERMAN Country: Nationality: Language:
    • The United Kingdom of GREAT BRITAIN BRITISH ENGLISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • ENGLAND ENGLISH ENGLISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • SCOTLAND SCOTTISH ENGLISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • WALES WELSH ENGLISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • NORTHERN IRELAND NORTHERN IRISH ENGLISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • GREECE GREEK GREEK Country: Nationality: Language:
    • HOLLAND DUTCH DUTCH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • IRELAND IRISH IRISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • ITALY ITALIAN ITALIAN Country: Nationality: Language:
    • JAPAN JAPANESE JAPANESE Country: Nationality: Language:
    • PERU PERUVIAN SPANISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • POLAND POLISH POLISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • PORTUGAL PORTUGUESE PORTUGUESE Country: Nationality: Language:
    • RUSSIA RUSSIAN RUSSIAN Country: Nationality: Language:
    • SPAIN SPANISH SPANISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • SWEDEN SWEDISH SWEDISH Country: Nationality: Language:
    • THE USA (The United States of America) American English Country: Nationality: Language:
    • TURKEY TURKISH TURKISH Country: Nationality: Language: