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Trust & Transparency – Foundations for Europe’s Best Workplace
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Trust & Transparency – Foundations for Europe’s Best Workplace


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In 2008, Futurice was at a crossroads – the company was growing and it was apparent that the structure of the organization needed to adapt to greater size. The culture within the company had been very ...

In 2008, Futurice was at a crossroads – the company was growing and it was apparent that the structure of the organization needed to adapt to greater size. The culture within the company had been very open and empowering, so adopting traditional manager-led hierarchies didn’t feel the right choice. The management decided to go path less traveled – to build the organization on trust and transparency.
In 2012, Futurice was ranked #1 in European Great Places to Work in small to medium sized companies.
Inspiration to this path came from small companies which naturally have the same characteristics: trust is naturally high, everybody knows the situation (transparency), and thus know what to do and performance is high. Together, trust and transparency build motivation and bring performance.
To build trust, the management must trust the employees first. It means dismantling practices that are founded on mistrust and suspicion. It also means establishing practices that exhibit trust explicitly, so that employees feel it. Transparency in operation and decision-making is an important part of that. Transparency also enables autonomy as everybody has the needed information at hand. And it builds trust and positive accountability since everything is visible. And this is just the start!
The talk includes many examples from real life at Futurice. They also look at current challenges as the company is rapidly growing beyond 150 and to multiple sites.

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  • 1. Trust & TransparencyFoundations of Europe’s Best WorkplaceTuomas Syrjänen, CEOPetri Heiramo, Organisational ScrumMaster11/17/2012 1
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  • 13. Agile Teams » We drive responsibility of customer solution to team members › Engage with customers, deliver collaboratively » Autonomy, responsibility » Everybody gets to see the customer, customers sees everybody » Direct communication
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  • 16. Open windows keeps yourapartment clean Flickr @basheem
  • 17. Transparency » Enables empowerment » Responsible decisions › Accuracy, buy-in, … » Promotes trust › Nothing to hide › Reveals misuse Empirical » Feedback & reinforcement Control » Focus & Results » Credits, identity Inspection » … Transparency Adaption
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  • 19. Weekly :)1 minute / personHow was last week? (honest smile)What will I do this week.How does my workload look.
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  • 22. Outcomes: 3x2!1. #1 in Great Place to Work 20122. High customer satisfaction numbers 33. Profitable company growth for 8 years 1 2 Turnover M€, 2004-2012 15 10 5 0 04 06 08 10 12
  • 23. We are all leaders!
  • 24. We’re on a journey! causalien@flickr
  • 25. If You Are » Leave your business card, and we’ll send youInterested › This presentation › Information on upcoming “Organisation 3.0” seminar day in Helsinki in Spring 2013 » Come talk with us 
  • 26. Thanks!Tuomas Syrjänen,tuomas.syrjanen@futurice.com+358 50 5470386Petri Heiramo,petri.heiramo@futurice.com+358 40 7092526www.futurice.com@futurice