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Poland 15 minutes of fame
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  • Organizacje pozarządowe Jst Kościelne osoby prawne
  • Transcript

    • 1. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - ESF support for inclusive entrepreneurship in Human Capital Operational Programme 2007 - 2013 Brussels, 27.06.2013
    • 2. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Regional support for inclusive entrepreneurship Priority 6. Labour market open for all • Grants for start ups + training + advisory + bridge support • 148 thousands of grants, 150 thousands of jobs created • 26 thousands grants for the youth • 3,4 thousands grants for the disabled • 13,2 thousands grants for the elderly people (50-64) Conclusion: low skills level, specific, additional needs, dependancy on support causes that they fail when support stops • Additional 115 mln Eur for the youth support
    • 3. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Regional support for inclusive entrepreneurship Priority 6. labour market open for all • From 2012 pilot project enabling the repayable loans for the people who wish to establish a business – 41 mln Eur allocation (loans up to 12 000 Eur) • Contracting financial intermediares in the regions
    • 4. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Regional support for social economy Submeasure 7.2.2. Support for social economy (172 mln Eur) • Building the support system for SE institutions on the regional level – appointing on the way of call for proposals the institutions (at least 2 in the region) which provide: - legal, bookkeeping and marketing services - Advisory centres / points, social economy incubators - Training on how to start up and conduct social economy entity - Building local partnerships for SE development - Promotion SE as a source of employment These institutions are called Social Economy Support Centres
    • 5. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Regional support for social economy • Establishment of social cooperatives Support for natural and legal persons planning to start up social cooperative through at least 2 instruments: - Advisory (for individuals and groups) and training in terms of starting and conducting social cooperatives (before and after signing the contract) - Grants for starting up or accessing to social cooperative (up to 20 000 PLN/5 000 EUR/ per person) - Granting bridge support for 6 / 12 months from signing a contract (grants and advisory)
    • 6. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Regional support for social economy • From 2012 pilot project enablig loans for developing social enterprise -7,5 mln Eur • 250 loans in 2013 – 2015 for up to 60 months with additional consulting services • Max ammount : 25 000 Eur, the interest was calculated for 0,5 % of the discount rate (currently 2 %)
    • 7. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Regional support for social economy Beneficiaries: • Ngo’s conducting trade activity • Social cooperatives • Religious organisations • Public companies and companies with limited liability – running non profit, transfering income onto statutory goals
    • 8. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Achieved indicators Number of Social Enterprises established (300) 0 131 Number of SE entities supported by SESC (6801) 12 7700 Number of people supported within SE entities (33 000) 305 111 700 2008 2012
    • 9. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Indicators Result indicators: •Number of jobs created in the social economy sector with support from the ESF (aim: 7000) – 1500 (achieved in 2011), •The share of own revenues of the social economy entities in the overall value of their income (aim: 30%) – 45% (achieved), •Number of SESC supported by ESF 2 years later in the business – 26/44
    • 10. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Development of the Measure 7.2.2. Diagnosis: • Number of appointed social economy support centres was bigger than assumed output indicators • Short life (one year in that role) of supported SESC Changes: • 1 SESC per subregion • Financing will address already existing SESC and last no shorter than 24 months • Sustainability will be checked 2 years after closing the project
    • 11. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - • Multidimentional and integrated support (training, grants, advisory, partnership) • Promotion of SE • Influencing regional authorities, strategies, long term planning • Building local/regional coalitions for SE development Strengths
    • 12. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - • Regional financial means dispersed among too many SE entities (SESC) • Short life of SESC – dependancy on ESF financing • Low quality of services – the expectations of SE entities not met • Lack of quality standards for SESC Weaknesses
    • 13. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - • National Programme for Social Economy Development (longterm policy document) enabling more effective and coherent support of SE till 2020 • Building on up to date experience – 3 types of services (modules) - Local animation – public – social partnerships, social participation - initial training and advisory on how to establish social enterprise (in cooperation with the local labour offices) + incubation and tutoring - professional services (legal, financial, marketing, management, innovation) by acredited institutions Future
    • 14. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - • Revolving financial instruments • Common monitoring system • Quality standards • Policy coordination • Favourable environment for SE development Future
    • 15. 10.10.13Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego - Department for ESF Management e-mail: Thank you