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Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business


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In our web 2.0 world, the business landscape has changed. Consumers refuse to be interrupted anymore - demanding that brands engage with them. ...

In our web 2.0 world, the business landscape has changed. Consumers refuse to be interrupted anymore - demanding that brands engage with them.

People do business with people they like, know, and trust. By utilizing the social media tools available to all of us, businesses can become human. By creating valuable content and engaging with customers where they are, businesses are creating real relationships, resulting in real trust.

This presentation offers a high-level overview to where we've been, where we are, and we're we are going in social media. It gives simple-to-follow steps to start implementing social media into a business. It's not comprehensive, but can help a business take that first step.

Content developed by Jon Thomas and M80 (m80im.com). Presentation designed by Jon Thomas at Presentation Advisors (www.presentationadvisors.com).



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