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Taine Gras Urban Sculptor
To grow monumental sculpted or painted flowers on walls, between walls, in trees, on esplanades, squares, alleys, along intensely urban streets, along the seaside…
There where real flowers cannot grow, in deserts
There where real flowers can grow, to play with true and false
Flowers sprinkled on girls’ skirts, boys’ trousers and the cloth on scupltures
To bring coloured gaity and poetry

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Floral book

  1. 1. taine@tainegras.com www.tainegras.com +33 6 86 82 10 65 TAÏNE GRAS sculptor A sculptor nurtured by the eclectism of the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Taïne’s inspiration lies in anecdotes drawn from her everyday life. Her work is a scenography of emotions, sentiments, a fixing of memories, an illustration of ordinary life. In parallel with a continuing personal quest, Taïne collaborates in the equiping of public and private spaces. Her objective: to illustrate through creativity and humour the function of the sites, to facilitate their appropriation by the people who frequent them, while maintaining a great respect for the architecture. The realisation must participate in the everyday life around and not remain lifeless and unchanging.
  2. 2. 1,50m. 1,30m. polyurethane foam, dyed polyester resin Divaguer 2012 Gardens festival Square Majorellle, Paris XI
  3. 3. city of Lille Martin Luther Kings square Faubourg des postes Cosmos Luminous structure 525cm. Flowers and leaves : dyed polyester resin Big flower diameter : 1, 60 m Small flower diameter : 1, 20 m Stems and branches : inox tubes Total height : 5,25m
  4. 4. City of La courneuve School Benches 0,50m. 2,50m. 2,m.2,m.
  5. 5. Résidence Carmen Caron 78 avenue de la République Aubervilliers, Seine saint Denis Project owner : First Avenue Seeking knowledge 2012-2013 Monumental sculptures for the interior gar- den of a students and young workers resi- dence. Height: 2,50m The gay and dynamique sculptures in acro- batic poses are meant to be a representa- tion of the residents Polyurethane foam, dyed polyester resin, clothing, steel.
  6. 6. Cogedim Ilot Pasteur, Aubervilliers center city, Seine saint Denis Projsect owner : Cogedim 2015 Free time Monumental sculptures for the interior gar- den. Height : 2 m. On the roof of the VH a monumental cabba- ge surrounded by a group of people evokes the vegetable gardens of the past history of
  7. 7. 85 rue Montmarte, Paris IIème 130 rue réaumur, Paris IIIème City of Paris 85 rue Montmartre, Paris II 33 rue Réaumur, Paris III Tulips Project owner : city ofParis Winning project Mission entrusted : design, production, ins- tallation. Décor on two gable walls combining monu- mental sculptures and painting A bunch of brightly coloured tulips offered to the residents of this densely popula- ted and intensely active neighbourhood, a flowered space where flowers are so lac- king, a haven of peace and calm.
  8. 8. sculptures : painting polyurethane foam, dyed polyester resin tainegras.com Propositions City of Paris Sculptures on painted background
  9. 9. Eiffage / Logirep Quartier du Pressenssé Rue de St. Denis Aubervilliers, Seine saint Denis Project owner : Eiffage Welcom to Aubervilliers 2014 Fresco on gable wall combining painting and sculpture: A branch of the highway separates this zone from the rest of the town. The idea is that this gable should mark the entrance to the town and show that it belongs to Aubervilliers ,This is Aubervilliers. Thesculpturesofcabbagesonabackground of coloured bands refer to the vegetable gardens of Aubervillier’s early history.
  10. 10. hôtel la Signoria Calvi, Corse C’est l’été à La Signoria 2015
  11. 11. Cache-cache 2014 Four characters of the same size and hu- man scale The busts disappear into the trunk of the tree Hiding in the trunk of the tree  Hiding from tree to tree  When one goes, the other appears Gardens festival Square de la roquette, Paris XIème