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Truth of Demand Supply Planning - Demantra

by Director, Supply Chain Solutions at Trinamix on Aug 25, 2009

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Some basic facts about supply and Demand planning. ...

Some basic facts about supply and Demand planning.

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Truth of Demand Supply Planning - Demantra Truth of Demand Supply Planning - Demantra Presentation Transcript

  • 41% companies believe that Lack of Leadership is responsible for a not having a strong S&OP process
    Did you know?
  • Only 22% of best in class companies use what if scenario analysis to determine alternatives
    Companies doing what if analysis save millions by better managing the supply demand gaps
    Did you know?
  • Only 24% companies have a workflow between a S&OP volumetric projection to revenue projection
    Did you know?
  • May be you didn’t know it
  • But now you do !
  • Can you still ignore it?
  • Make a winning move
  • Complete Demand/Supply Solution
    Plan for Demand
    Understand Demand
    Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning
    Trade Promotion
    Business Process Platform
    Shape Demand
    Respond to Demand
  • Demantra: Demand Management
    Statistical forecasting
    Causal factors
    New product introduction
    Reporting & analysis
    Collaboration Platform - alerts & exceptions
    Unlimited Hierarchies, Dimensions, Levels and Attributes
    Mixed/Multiple Demand Signals
  • Offline Capabilities
    Oracle Demantra anywhere – pure html view
    Fpos/Fsum – Supply Chain functions in Series
    Bayesian Collaboration*
    Dynamic Open Link to Excel and other BI tools
    Consensus Planning
    Oracle Demantra DM
    Real-Time Sales and Operations Planning
  • Oracle Demantra
    Advanced Forecasting and Demand Modeling
    Advanced Statistical Engine Capability and Reporting
    Computation and Display of Individual causal contribution
    Impact Analysis of events
    Cross-correlative Analysis
    Attribute based forecasting
    Promotion/Sales Calendarization
    Nodal Tuning
    Unlimited Causals
    NPI - Shape modeling and alignment
    Additional and improved forecasting models
    Advanced reporting (Gantt charts for Deals, Trade, Promo, Price breaks etc.)
  • Create/Copy and Plan promotions
    Compute and display decomposition of lifts, halo and cannibalization effects
    Analyze &display promotion effectiveness
    Statistically calculate baseline forecast
    Do scenario evaluation against profitability, quota, and allocated budget
    Oracle Demantra
    Predictive Trade Planning
  • Solution Comparisons: Win with the best
  • Demantra’s Customers
    Consumer Durables
    Medical Devices
    Consumer Packaged Goods
    Media & Entertainment
    Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Thanks !!!!!
    Contacts: info@abc.com