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The New 3-Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies, and APIs

The New 3-Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies, and APIs


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  • Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/dullhunk/202872717/Rss, ajax,mashups(lack of business models)mobile
  • Presentationtier is now a smart client again coordinating API calls, chaining responses, Mention CouchAppsHTML5 local storageAPIGeneral Purpose Data StoreCouchDBMongoDB w/ HTTPAmazon S3ODataUsergridSocial StuffFlickrGoogle Maps…InstagramEnterprise Stuffsalesforce.comQuickbooks Online Edition
  • What is a proxy?What does it do?CachingCompressionMediationAuth & AuthWhere do I find one?API FaçadeWhat Logic Goes in the Middle Tier?Technical Requirements vs. Business RequirementsWorking with APIs we don&apos;t control.
  • Transformations, pagination, auth

The New 3-Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies, and APIs The New 3-Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies, and APIs Presentation Transcript

  • The New 3-Tier Architecture:HTML5, Proxies, and APIsBrian Mulloy@landlessnessKevin Swiber Apigee@kevinswiber @apigee
  • groups.google.com/group/api-craft
  • youtube.com/apigee
  • slideshare.net/apigee
  • @landlessness @kevinswiber
  • “ It’s more than a feeling -Boston
  • Agenda• Traditional 3-Tier Web Architecture• The App Revolution• The New App Architecture• How To Get Started• Questions
  • Presentation image image image
  • Logic
  • Data
  • A 3-Tier Web Architecture image image image Presentation HTTP Mobile Web Logic Binary Web Data
  • A 3-Tier Enterprise Web Architecture Presentation Mobile Web SOAP / Binary image image Logic image Binary Data Web
  • The New 2-Tier Architecture image image image Presentation Logic HTTP APIs Logic Data
  • Issues• Authentication• Authorization• Often Don’t Control APIs• Cross Origin Resource Sharing• Logic Bloat in Presentation Tier
  • The New 3-Tier Architecture image image Presentation imageMobile Web Web HTTP PROXY Tech Logic HTTP APIs Biz Logic Data
  • How to get started?
  • Start with the presentation tier.
  • Look for APIs to meet app requirements.
  • You will run into issues and blockers eventually.
  • Work around blockers with the proxy.
  • Watch for bloat in the presentation tier. Movetechnical bloat to proxy.
  • Watch for bloat in the proxy. Move business logicbloat behind an API.
  • Move non-functional requirements from individualAPIs to proxy.
  • Questions?
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