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Tribeca Hacks Racontr keynote

Tribeca Hacks Racontr keynote


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Keynote for our Tribeca Hacks Racontr event on Dec 7-8 2013. By @benhoguet

Keynote for our Tribeca Hacks Racontr event on Dec 7-8 2013. By @benhoguet



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  • Amazing! Thanks from Spain. Can't wait to get the Racontr beta .. :)
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  • Very useful, thanks for posting!
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  • many congrats, great contents! Thanks for sharing.
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    Tribeca Hacks Racontr keynote Tribeca Hacks Racontr keynote Presentation Transcript

    • recurring features: • multiple-choices interfaces • multimedia content • non-linear narrative structure main challenges: Hollow (Elaine McMillion) | Interactive documentary • going non-linear without sacrificing narration • keeping a balance between interactivity and author’s intention • making the interaction the story frequent mistakes: • content tsunami • narrative maze • non-contributing interactivity • ergonomical nightmare Gaza Sderot (ARTE) | Webdocumentary | Documentary
    • recurring features: • serious intentions combined with playful mechanisms • «classic gaming» features : levels, rules, rewards... main challenges: Type:RIder (ARTE) | Mobile & social game | Interactive installation • not letting the information delivery ruin the gaming experience • not letting the gaming experience hinder the information delivery • being really fun and challenging to play frequent mistakes: • overly simplistic game design • confusion between gaming and gamification • forgetting to tell a story SPENT | News game
    • recurring features: • TV or cinema-centered • long-lasting experiences • special content for hardcore fans • strong ties with marketing campaigns main challenges: Defiance (SyFy) | TV Show | MMORPG • preserving some distinction between transmedia and marketing • spending more time for the 5% of hardcore fans than for the other 95% • keeping the whole experience coherent frequent mistakes: • lack of resources for platforms other than the main medium • some parts of the experience don’t stand alone The Spiral (ARTE) | TV Show | ARG
    • recurring features: • thin line between reality and fiction • players embodying fictional characters, much as in role playing • results of the ARG shaping the unfolding of the transmedia experience Alt-Minds (ARTE) | Mobile game | ARG | Webseries main challenges: • dealing with the logistics • keeping the player’s community coherent and interactive • drawing links with the rest of the experience frequent mistakes: • lack of social features • forgetting rewards for a very demanding activity Why So Serious | ARG
    • recurring features: • offering users to co-create the project • content also available for noncontributors • UGC or contributions shaping the whole transmedia experience Une Contre-Histoire des Internets (ARTE) main challenges: • editorialization of contributions or UGC • incentives for participation • legal status of UGC content frequent mistakes: • lack of recognition or rewards for participants • unclear impact of participation on the project Life in a Day (National Geographic & YouTube) | Feature film
    • • gamedocs • mobile apps • digital publishing • social games • second screen apps • long-form articles • interactive webseries • role-playing on social Fort McMoney (ARTE/ONF) | Gamedoc | Documentary networks • tweetterature • and whatever we’ll do with Google glasses... Snow Fall (New York Times) | Long-form interactive article
    • Thank you for your immersion in this keynote! #TribecaHacks @racontr Content, ideas and material partly stolen from Florent Maurin, Gerald Holubowicz, David Dufresne, Ian Schreiber and probably others I forget.