Son Of The Mob


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This slideshow is about the main character and protagonist of Son Of The Mob, Vince Luca and the themes that have to do with him and what he goes through in this story.

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Son Of The Mob

  1. 1. Son of the Mob Gordan Korman Themes
  2. 2. Introduction *Vince Luca is the protagonist and main character in this book. These themes have to do with and him and what he goes through in this story.
  3. 3. Secrecy *Vince and Kendra have to be kept a secret since her dad's in the FBI and wants to take down Vince's dad. *Vince's dad, Anthony Luca and the uncle's have to be careful around the house and try to keep everything a secret since everything's taped and bugged around there house accept the basement where meeting take place most of the time.
  4. 4. Choices * Vince had to make the choice to leave the hooker his brother got him for what happened on his date or take it. * Vince had a the choice to take things the family business gives him, like money or avoid it. *Vince has a choice to be a part of the family business.
  5. 5. Family * Vince needs to choice to be like his family and a part of it or not.
  6. 6. Anger *Vince was angry when Jimmy the rat wanted him to do something for the family business and help him out from getting his fingers cut off by Uncle Shank. * Vince was angry when he he found out his brother got a hooker for him paid by the family business.
  7. 7. Trust *Vince's father would rather trust strangers in his business than his own son.
  8. 8. Loyalty *Vince's dad and "the uncles" are loyal to the mob.
  9. 9. Fear *Vince fears the hooker his brother got him. *Jimmy the rat fears getting his fingers cut off by Uncle Shank because he couldn't come up with all of the money. *Vince somewhat fears standing up to his dad because of who his dad is.
  10. 10. Hope *Vince hopes to become his own man and break away from his family.
  11. 11. Rejection *Alex doesn't want to face the rejection from girls.
  12. 12. Love *Vince shows love for his family and his girlfriend, Kendra.
  13. 13. Innocence *Vince has more of an innocence side to him compared to his family.
  14. 14. Difference *Vince is very different from his famiy; he wants nothing to do with the family business and the mob.
  15. 15. Sympathy *Vince has sympathy for Jimmy the Rat when he can't pay. Vince decides to take money out of his emergency credit card just so he can give his dad the money in time for Jimmy.
  16. 16. Courage *Vince needs to be couragous to break away from the family's "vending machine business."
  17. 17. Curiosity *Vince is curious what being in the family business would be like; the nice cars and good money and his Dad knows he has the motivation for it.