Open stack in action  openstack tech commitee-grizzly
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Open stack in action openstack tech commitee-grizzly


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Open stack in action openstack tech commitee-grizzly Presentation Transcript

  • 1. All you ever wanted to know about the OpenStack Technical Committee and upcoming Grizzly features but were afraid to ask@tcarrezRelease Manager, OpenStack
  • 2. An open innovation project Collaborative playground Contributors are the project heart A community of equals Leadership is still very much needed
  • 3. A technical meritocracy Contributors decide their leaders Grown vs. appointed leaders Respect → Influence → Leadership
  • 4. Making OpenStack possibleExhibit A : Exhibit B : Exhibit C :An OpenStack developer An OpenStack director An OpenStack user
  • 5. Governance
  • 6. Technical Committee 8 PTLs + 5 directly-elected members Decides on cross-project issues Ultimate technical appeals board Orients use of common resources Accepts new projects in incubation
  • 7. Incubation Ceilometer (metering, metrics) Heat (orchestration of resources)
  • 8. GrizzlyETA: April, 2013
  • 9. Nova plans – over the hood Cells Bare-metal provisioning API v3 Hypervisor support improvements Config options cleanup
  • 10. Nova plans – under the hood No-DB compute (nova-conductor) Signed and versioned RPC Database cleanup
  • 11. Glance plans Image workers Incremental images Multiple image locations API 2.1 : Image sharing & copy-from
  • 12. Cinder plans Direct volume cloning Volume scheduler HP 3PAR, FibreChannel storage drivers « Island » local volume storage
  • 13. Quantum plans Closing the gap with nova-network :  Support for Security Groups  Multihost DHCP/NAT mode Advanced services : Load Balancing New backend plugins
  • 14. Keystone plans v3 API ActiveDirectory LDAP backend Pre-authenticated tokens Pluggable authentication handlers Multi-factor authentication
  • 15. Horizon plans Admin-specific dashboard views File uploads (Glance, multi-file) Support for Keystone PKI & v3 RBAC Improved Quantum support Various UI improvements
  • 16. Swift plans ? Different release schedule Just released Swift 1.7.5  Support for CORS headers  Custom log handlers  Multi-range GETs
  • 17. openstack-common → Oslo Common code Managed code copy while in incubator Turn into library when API stabilizes
  • 18. Oslo plans oslo-config library oslo-rpc library ? Common service infrastructure Common rootwrap Common database code ?
  • 19. Questions ?thierry@openstack.org