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Open stack in action stackops-openstackineurope Open stack in action stackops-openstackineurope Presentation Transcript

  • OpenStack: Land of OpportunitiesOpenStack in Action 3Paris, 29th November 2012
  • StackOpsScaling your business in The Cloudhas never been so easy.
  • Agenda¡  What: Europe is behind in cloud adoption¡  Why: inhibitors¡  Who: drivers¡  How: OpenStack, what else?
  • FactsEurope’s cloud adoption is 2 years behind that of the US.Source: Every single analysis firm
  • Considerations: CulturalCentral Control & Planning. High customization, innovation.
  • Considerations: LegalDifferent legislations per country, region, sector, type of data stored
  • Considerations: TechnologyEuropean B2B infrastructure providers turn complexity into a businessopportunity
  • Considerations: BusinessSmall markets, lower scale economics. No local Vendors: HW, SW, ServiceProviders. Less/more start-ups
  • Considerations: FinancialHave you seen one of these lately?
  • DriversPublic Administrations, Service Providers,Start-ups, Educational - Research
  • Our VisionOpenStack has all the ingredients to become the dominant cloud platformalso in Europe
  • Datacenter ColonizationIt’s not the Strong but Those Who Adapt to ChangeWho Survive
  • Local MattersFactors for adoption are weighted differently across differentcountries
  • Flexibility MattersEnables the use of OpenStack, extends OpenStack. Be water
  • Business strategies to deployment and operations Services $ Product 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Toolkit Distro Product OpenStack on Steroids16
  • Don’t make me spend I have already invested tons of money inhardware, storage solutions, monitoring systems. Reutilize them
  • Don’t make me think If I have to learn OpenStack, or managecomplex recipes to deploy it and operate it, I might not go for it.
  • Don’t make me change…my business model, I have been doingbusiness for years. Any change needs to benon-disruptive to my business or that of mycustomer
  • The Ecosystem is RelevantEnables the use of OpenStack, extends OpenStack
  • ¡  Ease of use¡  Ease of access¡  Integration¡  New applications¡  New services¡  Simplicity
  • Thank you for your attention For more information