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Back, neck, and joint pain can have a huge negative influence on your daily quality of life. This pain can range from a dull constant aching to excruciating pain that is tender to the touch. Unfortunately, with the growing number of people working long hours at a desk each day, the percentage of those who suffer is increasing while the average age of onset is decreasing. Untreated neck, back and joint pain can lead over time to a break-down of supporting soft tissues – disks, cartilage, and ligaments. This breakdown causes pain to increase and leads to a loss of motion, poor blood flow, fatigue, and missed workdays.

Common treatments for back, neck, and joint pain, such as massage therapy and chiropractic services, can be costly and time consuming while often offering only temporary relief. Likewise, the regular use of pain pills often only provides short term relief, while also causing negative side effects and the risk of addiction.

JMR4 stimulates the area of pain and relaxes blood vessels, which promotes optimal blood circulation for improved healing. This therapy helps reduce muscle spasms and needless tension without negative side effects. Our specialized products can be worn over painful areas to provide convenient therapy as you go about you day. JMR4 incorporates the beneficial elements of bio-magnetic energy, far-infrared rays and anions found in Bama – a city in China known for the health and longevity of its residents.

Improves blood circulation: far-infrared rays reach subcutaneous tissues to reduce swelling and promote pain relief.

Improves body microcirculation: It is clinically proven by the General Hospital of Nanjing Military Region, that JMR4 far-infrared fibers can significantly improve microcirculation, accelerate blood flow rate, revitalize cells and facilitate metabolism.

Maintains skin vitality: revitalizes the cells of the skin, improves nutrient supply and accelerates metabolism for improved health and appearance.

JMR4 Neck Therapy
JMR4 Shoulder Therapy
JMR4 Waist Therapy
JMR4 Knee Therapy

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