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Apol 104 quiz 5

Apol 104 quiz 5


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    Apol 104 quiz 5 Apol 104 quiz 5 Document Transcript

    • APOL 104 Quiz 5 Download Answers Here: http://homeworkfox.com/tutorials/general- questions/5611/apol-104-quiz-5/Question 13 out of 3 pointsSiddhartha Gautama was born into:Question 23 out of 3 pointsThe Eightfold Path consists of eight steps/points which are to be achieved in a sequential (one after theother) manner.Question 33 out of 3 pointsSince the “Fall” of humanity (Genesis Chapter 3) mankind has sought to declare independence fromGod.Question 43 out of 3 pointsThe title “Buddha” literally means:Question 53 out of 3 pointsThe Hindu is more concerned with the rituals and rites that they follow, than the gods they worship.
    • Question 63 out of 3 pointsThe Hindu concept of Karma and the Christian concept of sin are identical.Question 73 out of 3 pointsIslam is an example of a monotheistic religion.Question 83 out of 3 pointsThe common themes of absolute truth and exclusivity permeate the Baha’i religion.Question 93 out of 3 pointsChristians do not have to consider cultural barriers when presenting the gospel to a Hindu.Question 103 out of 3 pointsMost religions focus on “teachings” but Christianity’s primary focus is on the person and work of JesusChrist.Question 113 out of 3 pointsBuddhism started in:Question 123 out of 3 points
    • The purpose of Yoga to the Hindu is:Question 133 out of 3 pointsThe earliest of the Hindu scriptures are:Question 143 out of 3 pointsThe founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, was a poor peasant boy who was disturbed by theplight of the poor and the apathy of the wealthy.Question 153 out of 3 pointsThe concept of God’s absolute holiness is unique to Christianity.Question 163 out of 3 pointsThe Buddhist seeks to follow the “Middle Way” which keeps a person from the extremes of indulgingor punishing the flesh.Question 173 out of 3 pointsThe path to enlightenment is called the Middle Way because it avoids the extremes of affluence andasceticism.Question 183 out of 3 points
    • “Salvation” in Hinduism is attained by living a life that fulfills your inner most desires.Question 193 out of 3 pointsThe Buddhist belief in nirvana is essentially the same as the Christian belief in heaven.Question 203 out of 3 pointsIn the Christian Gospel, life has meaning because we know that God loves us.