Quand le web marchand devient social

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  • "When it comes to taste, Coke Zero is a lot like Coke. Join the Facial Profiler Project to find out it there’s someone out there who’s a lot like you. The Facial Profiler uses next-gen facial recognition technology to analyze your face and then match it against faces from all over the world. How you use that information, well that’s up to you."
  • Using research from AT&T Labs that showed "any person in contact with an existing customer of a firm is three to five times more likely to respond to a message from the firm," Media6Degrees founders saw a similar opportunity with the advent of the social Web. At the heart of its technology are three primary components: a pixeled ("tagged") advertiser Web site, site visitors who demonstrate a certain degree of interaction ("loyalty") with this site, and anonymous user data collected by third-party social networking applications and shared with Media6Degrees. Once a loyal user has been identified, Media6Degrees looks at its user data to find and target advertising to their friends. Ad inventory is purchased by Media6Degrees on ad exchanges and sold to advertisers on a CPM ( define ) basis, but managed based on performance to an effective CPA ( define ) level. Company CEO Tom Phillips , an ex-Googler, also sees Media6Degrees' type of targeting as a way to help improve exposure and ROI for search advertisers who don't necessarily fall into the top five "winning" positions on the SERP ( define ), as well as those who are winners but who just want search-like performance outside of search. Media6Degrees has been primarily working through ad agencies, which are still responsible for producing the ad creative. While campaigns can be integrated with third-party ad servers, Media6Degrees' own reporting is still a work in progress.
  • Want to advertise to the friends of the people who are already fans of your company on Facebook? Now you can, thanks to the “friends of connections” targeting feature that was just rolled out by the social networking site. According to a note posted to the Facebook Ads Page, the functionality allows you to “expand your audience reach by delivering your ads to the friends of people already connected with your Page, Application, Group or Event.” When those people see the ad, they’ll see that their friends are fans. It’s not hard to see why this has potential to expand your audience. Although Facebook Page ads already note when your friends are fans, by being able to target these users, you’re talking about instantly being able to reach hundreds if not thousands or millions (depending on the size of your fan base and budget) of new people who will then be exposed to your brand by way of the powerful endorsement of a friend
  • Shop Together sur Charlotte Russe pourrait bien apporter quelques solutions. Le concept : Shop Together est une toolbar qui permet aux visiteurs de bookmarker, partager en live, accéder via des raccourcis aux espaces communautaires de CR. La fonctionnalité la plus intéressante reste tout de même l’onglet “Shop together” et la capacité d’inviter un/des amis à venir vous rejoindre en chat sur le site ou la fiche produit et commencer à parler des produits ou à se les pousser. Faire du shopping avec ses amis : Cette fonctionnalité d’invitation permet donc de faire du shopping à plusieurs sur le site, d’échanger sur un même produit, de pousser un produit en live à un ami, de vous faire conseiller en live un produit par un ami … une vrai séance de shopping. L’éditeur annonce quelques moyennes pour les sites de prêt-à-porter :
  • JanSport, maker of backpacks and outdoor gear, already had a Facebook fan page. Like many marketers, it grappled with the issue of how to make it work harder. "What do you do after you've built this great community? You can't browse our site or buy anything on Facebook, so how do you bridge those two together?" asks Laurie Heller, marketing communications manager for JanSport. In April, JanSport.com launched Facebook Connect technology from Fluid, a marketing agency that specializes in what it calls social shopping. "We know that the biggest influence on purchase is the opinion of family and friends, so we want to get their opinion before they leave the JanSport site," says Fluid CEO Andy Lloyd. Sure, you could email your friends with a link to the product, but you'd have to wait for response. With Fluid, visitors to the ecommerce site can choose to share a product on Facebook, and also to search the network to see if any friends have rated or commented on the product. When you share, the product automatically shows up in the Facebook feed, where an average of 120 people in the network will see it -- along with an attractive icon showing the product. JanSport visitors who interact with the Fluid application view an average of 58.9 percent more product pages during their shopping sessions and spend 147.6 percent more time on the site than the average site visitor. "This allows us to leverage our success on Facebook and engage the community on JanSport.com," Heller says.
  • Quand le web marchand devient social

    1. Quand le web marchand devient Social Grégory Pouy Directeur Contacts - Nurun
    2. Les usages évoluent…
    3. La communication aussi doit évoluer…
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    5. <ul><li>Jetueunami.com Une campagne Immersive et marquante </li></ul>Chiffres à date (aucun achat d’espace) : - 11,6 M de visites - 470 K contrats passés - Visite sur le site de la marque X 2
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    8. 2/3 des internautes ne cliquent pas et 6% des internautes représentent 50% des clics… source : OPA – juin 09 28% des banners ne sont pas vues du tout 30 à 45% des investissements online se font dans le display…
    9. Ciblez les internautes via leur social Graph avec Media6degree
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    11. Les internautes se font confiance !
    12. Les internautes se font confiance
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