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Mind mapping in scholarly e-publishing
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Mind mapping in scholarly e-publishing


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Mind Mapping in scholarly e-publishing. The future of e-publishing.

Mind Mapping in scholarly e-publishing. The future of e-publishing.

Published in: Technologies

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  • 1. Mind Mapping in scholarly e-publishing (C) Infoseg
  • 2. Table of Contents• Limitations of PDF for e-publishing• The Mind Mapping Template• Entering the information into the template• Automatic conversion into a Word file• Conversion into a PDF file• Inclusion of the PDF file as an attachment• Advantages of Mind Mapping (C) Infoseg
  • 3. Limitations of PDF e-publishing (C) Infoseg
  • 4. Limitations of PDF e-publishing• No context and no structure due to its linear content• Difficult to read programmatically• Non-dynamic display of information• Large data sets use a significant number of the available pages• Reduced collaborative work on the internet• Bad resolution imaging• No sound, no videos, no hyperlinks when not connected to the internet• Tends to replicate printed pages (C) Infoseg
  • 5. A Mind Mapping proposal for e-publishing (C) Infoseg
  • 6. A Mind Mapping proposal for e-publishing• Get a Mind Mapping template• Enter structure and information into the Mind Map template• Convert the Mind Map to Word• Format the content in Word• Export to PDF• Link the PDF and include it into the Mind Map• Share the Mind Map on the Cloud for Collaboration and Review (C) Infoseg
  • 7. The Mind Map template (C) Infoseg
  • 8. Overview of a template (C) Infoseg
  • 9. Detail of the Authors (C) Infoseg
  • 10. Detail of the abstract (C) Infoseg
  • 11. Detail of the Outline and Content (C) Infoseg
  • 12. Detail of the References (C) Infoseg
  • 13. Entering the information into the template (C) Infoseg
  • 14. Article example created with:SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator (C) Infoseg
  • 15. Title of the article (C) Infoseg
  • 16. Authors(C) Infoseg
  • 17. Abstract(C) Infoseg
  • 18. Outline and Content (C) Infoseg
  • 19. Introduction (C) Infoseg
  • 20. Related Work (C) Infoseg
  • 21. Paragraph 1 of the Framework (C) Infoseg
  • 22. Figure 1 of the Framework (C) Infoseg
  • 23. Paragraph 2 of the Framework (C) Infoseg
  • 24. Multilevel structure of the Evaluation and Performance Results (C) Infoseg
  • 25. Sublevels of the Hardware and Software Configuration (C) Infoseg
  • 26. Figure 2(C) Infoseg
  • 27. Paragraph in a sublevel (C) Infoseg
  • 28. Conclusion in a single paragraph (C) Infoseg
  • 29. References(C) Infoseg
  • 30. Structure of a reference (C) Infoseg
  • 31. Authors of a referenced article (C) Infoseg
  • 32. URL of a hyperlink to an article (C) Infoseg
  • 33. Automatic conversion into a Word file (C) Infoseg
  • 34. First page of the Word file (C) Infoseg
  • 35. Conversion into a PDF file (C) Infoseg
  • 36. PDF file generated (C) Infoseg
  • 37. The PDF file is included into the Mind Mapas an attachment (C) Infoseg
  • 38. PDF file as an attachment (C) Infoseg
  • 39. Overview of the final result (C) Infoseg
  • 40. Advantages of Mind Mapping• Structure and context• Readable programmatically• Dynamic display of information• Availability of space for large data sets• Collaborative work on the internet• Availability of several resolutions for images• Embedded sound and videos• Hyperlinks to the internet and other Mind Maps (C) Infoseg
  • 41. (C) Infoseg
  • 42. Contact InformationJosé M. Guerrerojm@infoseg.comInfoseg, S.A. Mapping automation (C) Infoseg