Dev ops and_infrastructure_immunology_v0.4
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Dev ops and_infrastructure_immunology_v0.4

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  • What does DevOps mean generally? - cross-discipline pollination – code as infrastructure, continuous improvement, surgical changes, holistic view, end-to-end visibility, self-healing systems - shared risk/responsibility for classic responsibilties - potential areas to be careful: blurred responsibilities, defining expertise down, mistaking outsourcing for management (i.e. a lot of startups leveraging Amazon – DevOps as NoOps)
  • + add diagram of roadmap (puppet cfengine/chef?)+ complexity management


  • 1. 1DEVOPS ISSUSTAINABLE OPS&INFRASTRUCTUREIMMUNOLOGYV0.4 prepared and presented by Julie TsaiDec. 17, 2012
  • 2. History2  Concepts borrows heavily (or stolen) from classic papers “Bootstrapping an Infrastructure” by Steve Traugott and Joel Huddleston, and Mark Burgess’s “Computer Immunology” and Promise Theory  Personal experience – syncing scripts, predicting change, better communication
  • 3. What does this fix?3  How do I keep X (files, permissions, services) from changing unpredictably?  When did change happen? Is it related to the downtime incident we had? Or unpredictable deployments?  Who/what group made that change?  The system is growing (or has) arms and legs in unpredictable, astonishing directions making it difficult/impossible to reproduce. Or make minor changes: Deployments are the equivalent of leveling the whole house to change one light bulb.  Critical parts of the infrastructure reside in peoples heads - bad for scaling the company, bad for individual development. Put the real estate to better use.
  • 4. Centralized, Automated4 Standards Sounds intutive, but…. Obvious examples in SA world – LDAP, DNS, logservers, data consistency, NFS fileservers Same principle as programmers’ DRY
  • 5. What does this look like?5 1) Version-Controlled Published Configurations 2) Master Fileserver Repository 3) Automated Propagation and Maintenance The heart of where much of today’s DevOps work exists: This is where tools like cfengine, puppet, and chef literally “level-up” the way your infrastructure is managed. See links on last slide for more information. 4) Monitoring the Infrastructure 5) Self-Healing
  • 6. Version-Controlled Published6 Configurations  Git, svn, perforce, cvs – SCM of choice  Promise Theory – connected but independent agents cannot wrest guarantees from each other – they can only truly obligate themselves. But this can be leveraged to coordinate.
  • 7. Master Fileserver Repository7  “Gold” configurations
  • 8. Automated Propagation and8 Maintenance
  • 9. Monitoring & Self-Healing9  What’s the current state  Post-change state  Event-driven hooks from monitoring back to automation tool creates self-healing  i.e. Nagios, Empirix, monitoring tool of choice  End-to-end change visibility – intended changes, logged changes, monitoring events
  • 10. What do we gain?10 A lot:  Known configs/profiles assured to reflect live system state  auditable easy-to-administer security configurations  predictable change and rollback  Large-scale updates that are seamless, uniform, and logged.  Agile compliance!  Uptime!  More free time! To devote to higher-level activities
  • 11. Good Reading11  Classic “Bootstrapping an Infrastructure,” LISA ’98 - ap.html  Self-Healing Networks - healing-networks.html?page=1  Relative origins of cfengine, puppet, chef - e-origins-of-cfengine-chef-and-puppet  Promises of DevOps -  Promise Theory -