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    Geography(ppt) Geography(ppt) Presentation Transcript

    • Geography
      • It’s better than it sounds...I promise!
    • What is Geography?
      • Geography is the study of the world, its people, and the landscapes they create.
      But geography is so much more...
    • What else is geography?
      • Geography is a science AND a social science
    • Science vs. Social Science Social Science Social Science Social Science Social Science
    • A science...
      • Science is a systematic way to gather knowledge about the world and organizing that knowledge into laws and theories
      You do that across the hall... We don’t do that in here...
    • We do this...
    • A Social Science...
      • Social science explores human relationships and the affects they have on the world around us.
    • Five themes of Geography Location Place Human-Environmental Interaction Regions Movement
    • Location Location is divided up into 2 parts Location is divided up into 2 parts
      • Absolute Location
      • A specific description like a GPS coordinate or an address such as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
      • Relative Location
      • A general description of where a place is located. For example, North Carolina is north of South Carolina.
    • BUT...
      • Your location can change depending on where you are in the world
    • PLace
      • Similar to location except it’s different.
      • It is more than just where something’s about personality!
      • A place refers to the area’s landscape, which are the features that define the area and make it different from other places.
      • PERSONALITY! --> Washington D.C.
    • Human-Environmental interaction
      • How features interact with one another.
      • How people and their physical environment affect each other
    • Movement
      • How many of you have moved?
      • Why did you move?
      • Which way did you move? Road? Airplane?
      • Geographers want to know why people move and they study the routes people take from place to place.
    • REgions What are some regions that you know of around the world? The world is divided up into regions to help geographers study the world.
    • Jeopardy Rules of Jeopardy 1. You must answer in a question 2. You must raise your hand
    • Answer: Place, REgion, Movement, HEi, and Location What are the 5 Themes of Geography?
    • Answer: a specific and definite location? What is absolute location?
    • Answer: Exploring human relationships and the affect we have on the world around us. What is a social science?
    • Answer: It’s the Personality of a lOcation that defines this theme of geography. What is place?
    • Some basics you need to know...
    • Latitude refers to the imaginary horizontal lines that run from east to west around the globe. 0 degrees is the Equator. Longitude refers to the imaginary vertical lines that run from north to south around the globe. 0 degrees is the Prime Meridian
    • Remember:
      • Lat is flat!
      • When you use latitude and longitude (GPS) you are finding LOCATION
      • Cartography is the science of making maps
      • Physical Geography is the study of the world’s physical features - its landforms, bodies of water, climates, soils, and plants.
      • Human Geography is the study of the world’s people, communities, and landscapes