Grade 8 quarter 2 makato & the cowrie shell

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Grade 8 Quarter 2 Lesson 1

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Grade 8 quarter 2 makato & the cowrie shell

  1. 1. Refresh your knowledge on story elements by watching this video. REVIEW
  2. 2. REVIEW 1. ____Title 2. ____Author 3. ____Setting 4. ____Characters 5. ____Plot 6. ____Point of View 7. ____Conflict 8. ____Theme a. first person/third person b.exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion c. man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. society, man vs. himself d.location, time e. person who writes the story f. name of the story g. message or meaning of a story h.protagonist/antagonist I. Match the story elements on the left with its definition on the right.
  3. 3. Watch again and fill out the chart with the information from the song. Cite also examples based on your own knowledge.
  4. 4. Language Review Language Form and Function: Coordinate Conjunctions Observe the following sentences. Notice how the italicized words connect the ideas in each statements. 1) Makato never idled and never complained. 2) He did every kind of work, yet he remained cheerful. 3) Makato had no sister or a brother to take care of him. 4) He tried his luck in a far-off land, so he became successful. 5) Makato was an orphan, but he was able to achieve his goals.
  6. 6. Activity 1
  7. 7. Activity 2 1 2. 3. 4.
  8. 8. Using the Correct Coordinating Conjunctions Directions: What coordinating conjunctions should connect these clauses? Write your answer on the space provided for you. ___ 1. It was raining. We went out. ___ 2. It was a warm day. We took off our sweaters. ___ 3. He was an extravagant person. He did not spend all his money. ___ 4. He was an extravagant person. He spent his money foolishly. ___ 5. Tell the truth. I will punish you. ___ 6. Tell the truth. I’ll not punish you. ___ 7. Anton lost his book. He didn’t look for it. ___ 8. You will hand in your theme on time. I’ll impose a penalty. ___ 9. Josie studied hard for the test. She got a good grade. ___ 10. You are not paying attention. The teacher will scold you
  9. 9. READING • The selection which you are about to read is a Thai folktale. Its theme is centered on the Buddhist principle of suppressing one’s earthly desire to achieve enlightenment . • Draw out the values and traits of the character which enable him to become successful and better person. Use the graphic organizer shown. • Find out the author’s purpose of writing this selection.
  10. 10. Comprehension Check: Answer the following guide questions . 1) What could be the reason why Makato left his place? 2) Through inferring what the character says, does and thinks, one can recognize the traits of a literary character .Cite lines, actions and thoughts which show Makato’s traits.. 3) What were those changes in Makato’s life after meeting the king? Enumerate. 4) Which of Makato’s traits are similar to yours? 5) How would you nurture and enhance your positive traits? In what ways? 6) What lessons in life does the author want to convey to you? Are these true to all ages and races?
  11. 11. RESPONDING COMPARE AND SHARE Using the Venn Diagram, compare yourself with Makato. Be guided by the following questions . 1. What traits do you both share. Write your answers between two circles. 2. Write your character traits, which are different from Makato’s, inside the right circle. 3. Write Makato’s character traits, which are different from yours, inside the left circle. 4. Which of those traits would you like to improve? Explain.
  12. 12. SUMMARIZING: Trace the significant events of the story by completing the graphic organizer shown.
  13. 13. Theme Connection Explore the story’s theme with your partner and connect with it by citing an example in your own personal lives as teenagers.
  14. 14. Title: _______