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Daniel Kraft - Evolution of Work - Convention Camp2012
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Daniel Kraft - Evolution of Work - Convention Camp2012

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  • 1. Das Ende der GrenzenEvolution of Work by @DanielKraft
  • 2. 3,5 Kids 2,5 Jobs 1,5 NationalitiesWhere does life end and work begin? @DanielKraft
  • 3. HARD WORK @DanielKraft
  • 4. The gain in HARDproductivity by WORKconnecting handslead to “free time”. @DanielKraft
  • 5. KNOWLEDGEWORK @DanielKraft
  • 6. Gain in productivityby connecting brainslead to freedom of KNOWLEDGElocation. WORK @DanielKraft
  • 7. SOCIAL NETWORK @DanielKraft
  • 8. The gain inproductivity byconnecting heartswill free us from work. SOCIAL NET WORK @DanielKraft
  • 9. Connecting Connecting Connecting Hands Brains Hearts WORK THINK LOVEDecouple work from life. Work everywhere and Be yourself and be with Free time! anytime you want! who you want to be! @DanielKraft
  • 10. Why do 100 people die in a Decouple work form life. factory fire in Bangladesh? Free time! WORK Why do VW & Daimler Work everywhere and delete emails after anytime you want! 6.15pm? THINKBe yourself and be with who Why do kids post nude you want to be! pictures on Facebook? LOVE
  • 11. Because we’re just getting started
  • 12. He doesn’t know the difference between work and life.He doesn’t know the difference between online and offline.He doesn’t know the difference between inside and outside.
  • 13. Work as we know it todayis just a glimpse in human evolution.
  • 14. PicturesPictures 1: Coalbrookdale by Night by Philip James de Loutherbourg, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Philipp_Jakob_Loutherbourg_d._J._002.jpgPicture 2: iStockPhotoPicture 3: http://expertlywrapped.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/geographically-correct-a-world-wide-web-of-accessibility/