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Pdg Apresentacao 20080331 Eng

  1. 1. PDG Realty signs co-development agreement with Habiarte Barc
  2. 2. Agreement Rationale Allow PDG Realty’s entrance yet into another market spreading our capillarity and geographic Realty s market, diversification. Capture the potential swell in the real estate market of the Northeast of São Paulo state. The region is p p g focused in agribusiness and has above national average per capita income. Partnership with construction and development company with management team of effective technical capacity and performance execution. Leverage PDG Realty’s result. 2
  3. 3. PDG Realty & Habiarte Barc Co- Co- development agreement Habiarte Barc has over 22 years of experience and has consolidated itself as one of the top developers and construction companies in Ribeirão Preto, developing mid to mid high residential and commercial projects, totaling more than 30 projects and 1,300 units since its foundation. The executives of Habiarte Barc where co-responsible for great part of the recent developments in new areas of Ribeirão Preto. The joint venture will lead to the development of mid income residential and commercial projects, with a contracted pipeline of 4 projects that together amount a pro rata PSV for PDG Realty of R$140 million From this total approximately R$100 million will be launched million. total, in 2008. 3
  4. 4. PDG Realty & Habiarte Barc Co- Co- development agreement Ribeirão Preto is located in the Northeast region of the São Paulo state and today is the world´s largest producer of sugar and ethanol and has consolidates itself as one of the largest exponents of Brazil´s agribusiness. The region is one of the centers of generation of technology and qualified labor in Brazil. The city is located at 313 km of the state´s capital with a population of over 550 thousand state s capital, residents and is the center of a administrative region composed of 25 municipalities and 1.2 million residents. Besides being a frontrunner in the Brazilian agribusiness sector, the region has a relevant presence in other industry sectors: in the medical and orthodontic and pharmaceutical equipment sector, footwear industry in Franca, the metal-mechanical sector in Sertãozinho Matão, A M tã Araraquara e Sã C l São Carlos. 4
  5. 5. Geographic Expansion PDG Realty geographic presence covers 12 states and 44 cities, as shown in the map below (geographic distribution of pro rata PSV in PDG Realty’s land bank): Bahia: 2,2% JV Minas Gerais: 4,4% Espírito Santo: 4,2% Rio de Janeiro : 19,8% Goias, Pará, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and District Capital: under prospection São Paulo (capital): 19,2% São Paulo (other cities): 47,1% Paraná and Santa Catarina: 3,1% 5
  6. 6. Corporate Structure At capital markets, operational and corporate finance levels: Capital Markets / Inv. Credit Suisse Follow-On Deutsche Bank CEO Conference Real Estate road trip Conference (NY) One on one UBS R$ 575 mm Non Deal Road UBS Conference Conference Show (NY) São Paulo London lation CITI Coverage IPO Debentures Santander Initiating Coverage Real Estate road trip Banco Brascan R$ 432 mm R$ 250 mm IPO Non Deal M R$ 304 mm Rel NY and Toronto Boston UBS CEO Conference Initiating coverage Initiating Coverage Initiating Coverage (debenture) Initiating Coverage Initiating Coverage Operational 3Q07 4Q07 4Q06 2Q07 1Q07 Launches: 21 projects Launches: 17 projects Launches: 16 projects Launches: 21 projects Launches: 14 projects GSV pro rata : R$ 385mm GSV pro rata : R$ 474mm GSV pro rata: R$ 159mm GSV pro rata : R$ 231mm GSV pro rata: : R$ 144mm Acq. of 20% (+30% option) Acquisition Pipeline Acq. of 21% Joint Venture Goldfarb and Acq. of 14.5%2 CHL JV Geographic n Joint V t J i t Venture Expansion to JV Acq. of 20% Habiarte Acq. of 5% Midwest and Joint Venture Agreenment (+20% option) Northen States Acq. of 5% JV 36.9%1 Acq. of 40% Acq. of 10% Acq. of 30% Sale of 20% (+5% option) Dec -07 Nov -07 Mar-08 Jan-07 Feb-07 Mar-07 Apr-07 May-07 Jun-07 Jul-07 Aug-07 Sep-07 Oct -07 Notes: 6 1 25% directly and 11.9% indirectly through Lindencorp 2 Subject to further changes
  7. 7. Contacts For any additional information, please contact : Michel Wurman - CFO and Investor Relations Officer João Mallet, CFA - Investor Relations Manager Gustavo Janer – Financial and Investor Relations analyst IR Team: ri@pdgrealty.com.br Phone: + 5521 3504-3800 3504 3800 www.pdgrealty.com.br 7