Negotiation Skills 3
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  • 1. Negotiation
  • 2. Definition:
    • Negotiation is a basic means of getting what you want from others by interactive communication designed to reach an agreement
  • 3. Dictator Difference In Opinion Share Or Exchange Conflict Yes but / No because Negotiate Could Not Process Leads To TO Solve Leads To Development of the Idea of Negotiation
  • 4.
    • There must be at least two or more parties involved.
    • There is a common interest between parties.
    • Have definite goals and objectives.
    • Allow adequate time for the process
    Basics Of Negotiation
  • 5. Major Influences on the Process Choice Issues Time relationship Attitude
  • 6.
    • Positive Attitude
    • Knowledge of the Negotiation process
    • An understanding of people
    • A grasp of your subject
    • Creativity: settle on a solution before you negotiate
    • Communication skills
    Basic Elements of Successful Negotiation
  • 7.
    • Relate: Building a relationship
    • Explore: Interests of both sides
    • Propose: One concrete proposal addresses all underlying interests
    • Agree: Compromising & create alternatives
    Negotiation Process REPA
  • 8.
    • Benefits:
    • Avoid surprises
    • Provide more options
    Planning For Negotiation
  • 9.
    • Process:
    • Rational: Why we are negotiate
    • Objectives (Yours): Goals priorities
    • Differences: Possible conflicts
    • Mode of Negotiation: Bargaining, time frame & issues
    • Communications
    Planning For Negotiation
  • 10.
    • Protect your self from agreement you reject
    • Make the most assets to satisfy your interests.
    Objectives of Power Negotiation HOW ?
  • 11.
    • B est A lternative T o a N egotiated A greement to produce something better
    • The better your BATNA the greater your power
    Know Your BATNA
  • 12.
    • Learn to flinch
    • Recognize that people often ask more than they expect to get
    • The person with the most information usually does better
    • Practice at every opportunity
    • Maintain your walk away power
    Five Ways To Negotiate Effectively
  • 13.
    • Self confidence, patient, empathy.
    • Know when to start, stop & your bottom line
    • Know your best alternative to a negotiated settlement “BATNA”
    • If other party respects you they will try harder to agree with you
    • Aware of non-verbal communication
    The Negotiator Must Be:
  • 14. Thank you