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The Ultimate Guide to The Quantified Self

The Ultimate Guide to The Quantified Self


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The Quantified Self has been covered in many global publications recently, but most people still don't know what it is. In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about the Quantified ...

The Quantified Self has been covered in many global publications recently, but most people still don't know what it is. In this guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about the Quantified Self and what it involves.

If you're interested following our progress in creasing the lifelogging platform, head over to http://narrato.co or follow us on http://twitter.com/narratoapp



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    The Ultimate Guide to The Quantified Self The Ultimate Guide to The Quantified Self Presentation Transcript

    • The Ultimate Guide toThe QuantifiedSelfwww.narrato.co@narratoappBy
    • What is theQuantified Self?www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • The Quantified Self isabout obtaining self-knowledge throughself-trackingwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Self-tracking is alsoreferred to as lifelogging,self-analytics, or selfhackingwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • It’s all about acquiringdata about your lifewww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • What kind of thingsdo people track?www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Moodwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Foodwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Activitywww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Productivitywww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Sleepwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Weightwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • And sometimes....www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • The nasty stuffwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • What’s the point?Why track?www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • “If you cannot measureit, you cannot improveit.” Lord Kelvinwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Businesses use data toinform their decisionswww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Self tracking is like that,but for your lifewww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • The data gives youinsights into how smallchanges can make bigdifferenceswww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • The data allows you tomake better decisionsand live a better lifewww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Did that cup of coffeemake you moreproductive?www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • You’d think so, right?www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • You might be wrong...www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • There’s no need toguesswww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Why is self-trackingso interesting all of asudden?www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • It isn’t newwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • In fact, 69% of adultsin the US already tracka health metric(Data from research by Pew)www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • but most of them do itmanually or in theirheadswww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Cheap sensors, cloudcomputing, and othertechnologies arechanging thingswww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Tracking now takesless effort and is morebeneficialwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Some tools let youtrack completelypassivelywww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Self-knowledge,through doingnothing!www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Popular SelfTracking toolswww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • MoodMoodlytics MoodPandaIn-flow Mood Watch www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • FoodMyFitnessPal(Daily Burn)www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • ActivityRun KeeperMovesFitBitBodyMediaJawbone UpNike FuelBandwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • ProductivityRescueTimeTime Doctorwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • SleepSleepCycleZeoSleep as AndroidFitBitJawbone Upwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • WeightWithingsFitBitMyFitnessPal www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Heart & BloodBodyMediaBasisBlipCareCardiioMiowww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Other StuffPeriod TrackerDrink TrackerAsthma Trackerwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • General trackingTicTracMicrosoft Excelwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • And of course...www.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • The nasty stuffwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • This is just thebeginningwww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • Tracking isbecoming effortlesswww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • and more valuablewww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • So watch this spacewww.narrato.co@narratoapp
    • www.narrato.coFollow us on Twitter@narratoapp