Fat Loss Factor Review - Dr Charles Weight Loss Program PDF

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Fat Loss Factor Review - Dr Charles Weight Loss Program

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Fat Loss Factor Review - Dr Charles Weight Loss Program PDF

  1. 1. Fat Loss Factor is a effective fat loss program designed by Michael Allen, an everyday guy thatwas tired of being overweight and out of shape. He spent years trying to find a fat loss programthat worked, and finally created his own based on his experiences.Fat Loss Factor program is based on Michael Allen’s combination of strength training andnutritional guidelines. Cardio plays a small role in this program. The main key is how bydeveloping more muscle mass (without getting bulky if you don’t want to) you can boost yourmetabolism and turn yourself into a sort of Fat Loss Factor. Of course, the nutritional guidelinesare there to make sure that you’re giving your body everything it needs and not putting the fat thatyou’ve burned back into your body.Apart from the Fat Loss Factor exercises, the book also contains important information related togetting a coach, introducing the special Fat Loss Factor diet, how to stabilize your heart rate, tipand techniques to weight training, and reveals the 7 secrets of permanent fat loss and fitness. Youwill find different types of meals made from herbs and other supplements in the book itself thatform an integral part of the Fat Loss Factor diet. The primary idea is to lose weight graduallyand without using crash type diets.The program teaches that being overweight has nothing to do with genes or inheritance. Theydispute the popular belief that genes control weight, and attribute weight to lifestyle and eatinghabits instead. The program explains the reason that most people overeat. It’s nothing other thanstress, so if you can control the stress in your life, you can control the urge to overeat or to eat allthe time. Apparently, just reducing stress without doing anything else (exercising or changing diet)can cause you to lose weight. Stress hormones cause you to be hungry, so if you can keep them incheck, then you are likely to have your weight in check also.
  2. 2. The program is easy to read and the guidelines are simple to apply. However, this program doesrequire a lot of commitment on your part. You will have to change your eating habits and toworkout regularly in order to succeed. If you’re not prepared to make an effort, there is littlechance of losing weight and keeping it off.All you have to do is visit the internet and download the Fat Loss Factor e-book after paying$39. Don’t worry – it comes with a 60-day refund policy as well. Once you have the book, use aBMI calculator and check where you stand. It will give you exactly how much weight you need tolose. The e-book contains special Fat Loss Factor exercises that will help you to reach a fat losszone with ease. With the help of a workout plan and intensive Fat Loss Factor exercises, you willbe able to see the difference within a week.Fat Loss Factor is one of the few fat loss guides on the market that truly provides an easy to followplan that is suitable for people with real lives. While it does focus on good nutrition and exercise,it won’t require you to change your entire life to see results. If you’re willing to put in the effortwith this program, you should see great fat loss results.Click to Download The Fat Loss Factor Program