Energy Plus Marketing Plan
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Energy Plus Marketing Plan


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Advertising/Promotional Marketing Plan for Introduction of a new energy drink for the health conscious consumer.

Advertising/Promotional Marketing Plan for Introduction of a new energy drink for the health conscious consumer.



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Energy Plus Marketing Plan Energy Plus Marketing Plan Presentation Transcript

  • Sean McLamore
    • A good for you energy drink.
    • Caffeine, sugar, and guarana free.
    • Infused with Vitamin + Blend
      • Containing: Vitamins A,B12, C, D, E,
      • Ginseng, acai, pomegranate, goji berry,
      • Resveratrol, and green tea.
      • Plus, creatine to help build muscle
    • Energy Plus increases stamina,
    • helps maintain sharp focus,
    • and boosts overall energy production.
    • Primary Competitors:
    • Healthy Positioning:
      • Bazi
      • FRS
      • Xe
      • Zowii-energy
      • Activate-energy
    • Non-healthy Positioning
      • Monster
      • Rockstar
      • Rebull
      • Full Throttle
      • Nos
      • 5-hour energy
      • Burn
      • Amp
    • Secondary Competitors:
      • Mt. Dew
      • Gatorade G2
      • Powerade
      • V8 Fusion
      • Vault
      • Vitamin Water
      • Sobe Lifewater
    • According to DDB Lifestyle Survey:
      • Heaviest users of energy drinks/sports drinks are:
        • Individuals who are between 25-44
        • Males who are employed full time
        • Males who are employed as operators/ fabricators /laborers (blue-collar jobs)
      • Heavy Consumption is equal to 5+ times per week
    • According to the DDB Survey:
      • The Heaviest users ideal self concept consists of:
        • Competitiveness
        • Masculinity
        • Youthfulness
    • External Influences:
      • They feel they work hard
      • They feel commercials that use people of their race tend to speak directly to them.
    • Internal Influences:
      • Their car is a reflection of who they are.
      • They have more self confidence than most
      • of their friends.
    • Decision Process Influences:
      • They feel that the internet is the best place to get information about products.
    • Shopping/loyalty
      • Shop at convenience stores
      • Don’t use coupons
      • Are impulse buyers
      • Try to stick to well known brands
      • Try to stick with favorite brands, even if something else is on sale
    • Males
    • 25-44
    • Ideal self concept consists of:
      • Masculinity
      • Competiveness
      • Youthfulness
    • Energy Plus is an all natural energy drink infused with vitamins and minerals
    • Energy Plus is at the higher end of energy drinks in accordance to price, however, it is also the most nutritious alternative.
    • Overall marketing objectives:
      • Generate first year sales of: $300,500,000.00
      • Acquire 10% of the energy drink market
    • Objective 1: Crate awareness among 90% of target audience
    • Objective 2: Create interest in the brand among 70% of target audience.
    • Objective 3: Create positive feelings about the brand among 40% and preference among 25% of the target audience.
    • Objective 4: Obtain trial among 20% of the target audience.
    • Objective 5: Develop and maintain regular use/repeat purchases.
    • To help us reach communications objectives,
      • We will be using a celebrity endorser:
      • Carmen Electra
      • Speaks directly to our target market and to their traits of masculinity, and competiveness.
    • The one element we won’t be using in our media plan is newspaper.
      • Too poor of reproductive quality
      • Lack of selectivity
      • Too much clutter
    • Consisting of:
      • Network TV-
        • Lowest cost per person
        • Great for demonstration of product outcomes
        • Combo of sight and sound are dramatic and life like
      • Radio-
        • Low overall cost
        • Inexpensive to product
        • Highly selective
    • Magazine Ads-
      • Highly selective
      • Amazing reproductive quality
      • Ads have a long life span
    • Website-
      • Information Center (hub)
      • Will feature:
        • Testimonials
        • Store locator
        • In-depth product info
        • Info on current promotions
        • Content related to latest sporting events, and music.
        • Database marketing through Energy+ E-news
    • Two key campaigns
      • “ Yeah… it’s that good!”
        • Designed to inform, and build awareness.
        • Features TV ad, backed by radio and magazine ads.
      • “ Can your dink do that?”
        • Designed to instill emotions about our brand
        • Encourage brand preference
        • Features a radio and magazine ad
    • Magazine Ad from “Yeah…It’s that good!”
    • TV ad from “Yeah…It’s that good!”
    • Promotional Products/Sampling
      • Hats
      • T-shirts
        • To be given away at various college and professional football games by Carmen, herself.
      • Also, she will be giving away free samples!
      • To find out which games she’ll be at, consumers can visit our website
    • Promotions-
      • Used to generate buzz through word-of-mouth
      • Informed by e-mail message, and on website.
      • Driven to site through TV, magazine, and radio ads.
    • Two key contests:
      • Design our commercial
      • Design our next flavor/product
    • Design our commercial
      • Consumers can submit a short video submission of our next commercial.
      • Consumers may vote for the best one on website.
      • Grand prize winner will be given a new Chevrolet Camero.
    • Design our next flavor/product
      • Consumer s can submit a short video telling us what new Energy + Plus flavors or new product extensions they would like to see created.
      • Grand prize winner will receive $25,000.00
      • Second place winner will receive $5,000.00