66th Independence day speech by Santosh Takale

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So…….Best wishes to all on the 66th Independence Day of India - Our mother land.

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66th Independence day speech by Santosh Takale

  1. 1. 66th Independence Day Speech by Santosh TakaleIndependence is the basic right understood by Human beings or other way roundunderstanding the importance of ‘Independence’ for every living being makes usHuman.So…….Best wishes to all on the 66th Independence Day of India - Ourmother land.I am sure that 15th August & 26th January always inspire all of us to contributeeven more vigorously, to make this country better place to live. Here betterment,We are expecting in terms of Law & Order, basic infrastructure, Health-hygiene,Safety-Security, Educational facility, Technological growth & off course, morebalanced, mature and considerate Mindsets.But then after more than 60 years of being Independent & Republic, in villageswomen still have to walk long distance for water, which is not always clean, manyfarmers committee suicide because of debt burden, kids die because of hunger &we dream to be developed country by Year 2020, friends it is impossible withoutour wholehearted support to Nation building systems & minds. We must realize &concentrate more on our responsibilities & duties than the rights given by ourconstitution. Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can dofor your country. Many of us know how much efforts & lives have gone in makingthis country independent. But then, We should not forget, how our nation hasprogressed after independence, in decade of 1960, 40 lakhs Indian died onlybecause of hunger, then because of success in green revolution & operationflood today we are self reliant in these fields. Hard work of few stalwarts hasautomatically proved to world that Indian are capable to handle any difficultsituation.Hence, as responsible, patriotic citizen there are many tasks we have to do infuture, we should stop wide spread abuse of Energy, Water, Natural resources,Environment. Sometime conserving/saving is better option than generating. Weshould stop threatening mother earth- our own life support system. We shouldassist mother earth to heal her wounds and in process heal our own-indeed.Though we may not be directly responsible for deforestation, climate change &contamination of soil and water, but we or our generation will be one who isgoing to be affected terribly by this. Tree plantation and conservation can besimple, attainable and guaranteed solution for any of above or all aboveproblems, this will balance our eco system for sure.
  2. 2. I feel there are only three major problems in front of India or world today.Population, Pollution and Corruption, 1st problem is real source of other two andcan be eliminated with united efforts by all of us irrespective of cast, creed, race,religion and age. Already many social reformers are working on these issues & Irequest you to be part of these movements.As Indian, we should not forget that we had glorious past & it’s our duty to assurethe similar glory to our future generations. It’s possible if present generation try tobe brave, innovative, curious, open to new ideas of thinking and doing the things,there is technological renaissance taking place all over the world and excitingnew opportunities awaits all of Us. Our education, knowledge & skill with layer ofcreativity can take us to heights of achievements and nation as well. How we canforget this great nation was built by patriot scientists & industrialists like HomiBhabha, JRD Tata, Homi Sethana, Kirloskars, Walchand bros. & many others.They were confident, bold in their thinking & brave in their actions. They reachedout of the world to learn from it, That is why father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhisaid & I quote “ I do not want my house to be walled & windows to be stuffed, Iwant the culture of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible,but I refuse to be blown off my feet by Any.” In today’s world there is growingregard for skills and intellect people, all global organizations are coming to Indiawhole world is investing here, we should must en-cash these opportunities forsake of our great Nation.Let’s expect & help each one of us to develop patriotic personality combining ofscientific temper with our Indian moral values as it’s base. Hope all of us reachout to new horizons of selfless thinking and take our country to new heights ofprosperity & Progress.Once again I wish you, all “Happy Independence Day & Happiness,Success in every aspect of life ”.JAI HIND.Regards.Santosh Takale,Scientific Officer, BARCPh - 0-9967584554.santoshatbarc@gmail.comPrint only if essential.......SAVE TREES" Go GREEN, Save Earth "