French phonics short

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Presentation to aid with pronunciation of French, using phonics.

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  • There are 3 presentation lessons in Franco-phoniques. This is the second lesson. Each lesson introduces 8 or 9 letters, letter combinations or letter-strings with a picture or short phrase. There is room for differentiation even at the presentation stage, as the whole phrase can be introduced or just one word.
  • Important with this one to note (perhaps for later) that ‘in’ in the middle of words is pronounced differently – examples, l’ordinateur, la machine a laver, etc...., le patinoire, (and even of course the ‘ini’ exception – ‘initiative’ Also, that the sound here is the same as you get from ‘en’ when ‘ien’ combine at the end of words (e.g. Chien, l’electricien, bien, etc..)
  • French phonics short

    1. 1. French Phonics What's the point of learning French, if you're too scared to speak it?!
    2. 2. Pronouncing vowels First of all, we need to be able to pronounce our vowels properly. ‘ e ’ is the most commonly mispronounced vowel, but you need to get the others right too. Make sure you use the front of your mouth and that you move your lips properly! tu to ti t e ta du do di d e da lu lo li l e la mu mo mi m e ma u o i e (uh) a
    3. 3. <ul><li>é, et, er, ez, ed, ais, ait, aient = all sound like eh </li></ul><ul><li>The letter c with an accent underneath – ç – sounds like the letter s in English </li></ul><ul><li>an, en, em, am make the same sound in French = ON - An gleterre, par en ts, t em ps, c am pagne </li></ul><ul><li>in, ain sound like AN – in téressant, in telligent, enf in , p ain </li></ul><ul><li>Word endings are usually SILENT – je veux = je vuh not je vuhx </li></ul><ul><li>If the last letter is an e , you pronounce the letter just before it – car te , anglai se , alleman de </li></ul><ul><li>oi = wa (p oi sson, m oi , t oi , av oi r, n oi r, pourqu oi , au rev oi r) </li></ul><ul><li>e, eu, eux, eut = uh (je v eu x, il p eu t, p e tit, bl eu , délici eux ) </li></ul><ul><li>lle= y as in year (fami lle , viei lle , parei lle , fi lle , boutei lle ) </li></ul><ul><li>au, eau, eaux, o, ot = o </li></ul>10 Tips for pronouncing French
    4. 4. e/eu/eux = ‘uh’ Other tips: 1) en/an = ‘on’ 2) er/es/é = ‘eh’ 3) don’t pronounce ‘s’ or ‘t’ at the end of a word j e il pl eu t d eux curi eux d e j eu di affr eux l es y eux p e tit l e p e tit-d é j eu n er en nuy eux d é lici eux r e gard er bl eu j e p eux orag eux la ch e mise un p eu j e v eux l es j eux -vid é o l e ch e val s eu le p eu t-être d an ger eux
    5. 5. en/an/em/am = ‘on’ Other tips: 1) en/an = ‘on’ 4) ique = ‘eek’ 6) gn = ‘ ñ ’ 2) er/es/é/ais = ‘eh’ 5) au = ‘oh’ 7) in = ‘an ’ 3) don’t pronounce ‘s’ or ‘t’ at the end of a word v en dr e di la Fr an ce sept em bre la ch am bre l es par en ts fatig an t l e t em ps la j am be comm en t fr an ç ais nov em bre la c am pa gn e l es d en ts gr an d au pr in t em ps la ch am pa gn e tr en te rom an t ique un m em bre l es ch am ps l e serp en t dim an che comm en c er une l am pe
    6. 6. é/er/ed/ai/ais/et/ez = ‘eh’ Other tips: 1) en/an = ‘on’ 4) ou = ‘oo’ 2) e/eu/eux 3) don’t pronounce ‘s’ or ‘t’ at the end of a word l e b é b é j ou er l e pi ed viol et é c ou t ez pr é f é r é m an g er m ais juill et r e gard ez en é t é r e gard er an gl ais l e chal et ch ez d é sol é all er é coss ais l e val et r é p é t ez la t é l é vision d an s er j’ ai et r an g ez ça s’ é cri t nag er m ai son l e n ez
    7. 7. oi = ‘wa’ Other tips: 1) en/an = ‘on’ 4) ou = ‘oo’ 6) au/eau = ‘oh’ 2) e/eu/eux 5) er/é/ais/ait = ‘eh’ 7) qu = ‘k ’ 3) don’t pronounce the last letter m oi /t oi av oi r l e cr oi ss an t la v oi ture l es dev oi r s n oi r l e s oi r Il f ait fr oi d Bons oi r! l e p oi sson l es p e tits p oi s t ou t dr oi t Au rev oi r! l e p oi re la b oî te à dr oi te tr oi s l’ oi s eau l’arm oi re s oi x an te j e cr oi s f oi s (X) b oi re pour qu oi ?
    8. 8. in/ain = ‘an’ ‘ uh’ ‘ eh’ ‘ on’ l e lap in in t é ress an t l e mat in l e p ain v in gt lo in l e d es s in l e tr ain qu in ze in t e llig en t l e cous in m es cop ain s l e s in ge l e sh am poo in g l e magas in l e p in guo in l e v in au pr in t em ps l e r ai s in m ain t e n an t c in q l’ in formatique l e jard in d e m ain ju in l’ In ternet en f in proch ain
    9. 9. o/ô/au/aux/eau/eaux = ‘oh’ ‘ uh’ ‘ eh’ ‘ on’ ‘ wa’ ‘ oo’ les anim au x b eau c ou p Il f ait m au v ais l es cis eaux j au ne au jourd’hui l’astr o n au te l’abric o t l e gât eau l’ eau l e bur eau au ssi l es ch e v aux l e chât eau l’ au t o bus l e bat eau l’ oi s eau Il f ait b eau l e s au cisson l’ au t om ne Il f ait ch au d à g au che l e chap eau l e rest au r an t