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How to Become a Better Speaker
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How to Become a Better Speaker


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Does the fear of public speaking keep you up all night? Well, you don't need to suffer any longer. ...

Does the fear of public speaking keep you up all night? Well, you don't need to suffer any longer.

This presentation will give you the confidence and tips you need to become a better speaker and transform yourself in a 'Steve Jobs' style master.

I've collected all the tips and tricks I've picked up on my speaking travels and also from watching my clients speak at conferences.

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    How to Become a Better Speaker How to Become a Better Speaker Presentation Transcript

    • HOW TOBecome a Better SpeakerBy Illiya Vjestica
    • And…Wow Audiences
    • There is NOMagic Fix. It takes practice!
    • Stages of MasteryNoviceSeasonedJobs LikePracticeMore PracticeLots of Practice
    • Learn from the bestWATCH TED TALKS
    • Visit Local“Learning is rememberingwhat you’re interested in.”~ Richard SaulWurman(TED Founder)
    • Recommended TalksSir Ken RobinsonSchools Kill CreativityJane McGonigalGaming Can Make aBetter WorldRichard St. John8 Secrets of Success
    • PechaKuchaX20 Images 20 Seconds
    • X20Slides20Secs
    • PechaKucha
    • Apps You can practice with!iPhone: PeekyAndroid: Ignite & PechaKucha TimerUse  it  to  perfect  your  Ignite  &  Pecha  Kucha  talks  (or  even  normal  slide  talks,  if  you  use  a  cyclic  7ming).  Peeky  is  a  presenta7on  app  designed  to  work  with  the  Pecha  Kucha    style  presenta7ons.  
    • ToastmastersToastmasters has beenaround since its formation in1924!It is a non-profit organisationthat is designed to helppeople develop the arts ofspeaking, listening andthinking.There are number of localgroups that meet upworldwide.
    • Here are someHELPFUL TIPS
    • STARTLOCALNetworking EventsSpeak at BusinessConferencesChamber of Commerce orBusiness Organisations
    • NETWORKINGMost EventsInclude a 1-2 Minute IntroBuild your confidence there!
    • `  PRACTICE your PitchKEEP   IT   SIMPLE  
    • GLOSSOPHOBIAThe fear of Public SpeakingPublic speaking is consideredthe greatest fear a person canhave, even greater than the fearof death.
    • 74 %of people suffer fromspeech anxietyAmerican National Institute of Mental Health  
    • DON’T WORRYEveryone gets NervousIt’s completely natural
    • So let’s give speakersA BIT OF A BREAK!
    • Get ridof FearPractice your talks infront of colleaguesand friendsWhy not startmonthly talks inyour organisation?
    • Here are someSPEAKING TIPS
    • “Theres zero correlation betweenbeing the best talker and having thebest ideas.” — Susan CainDo check out her TED Talk – e Power of Introverts  
    • Every Great StoryHas a GOOD…Beginning Middle End
    • Know Your Audience
    • VisualisePresenting your talk
    • This promotesConfidence!
    • Walk yourself through itShadow Boxing Presenting
    • SpeakNaturally!
    • Have SomeoneRECORD YOU
    • FAIR WARNING(Not) for the faint hearted!
    • Get out in Frontof your audience
    • A ClickerInvesting into a presentationclicker will help you moveaway from the computer orlectern. is will give you amore natural speaking style.You can get a good one from Amazon.    
    • Make Eye ContactWith the audience. Don’t be shy!
    • Vocalise towards theBACK OF THE ROOM
    • IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLEUSE YOUR HANDS(Be careful not to over animate if you’re nervous)
    • Get NakedLearning to speak withoutany presentation slides orpresenter notes.Go Read Garr’s Book Now!
    • What NOTTO DO
    • STARTby telling aJOKE!
    • DON’T respond to interruptionsor sudden questions
    • Don’t TurnYour back to the audience
    • LOTS OF BULLETS POINTSReally please not…• I’m going to kill this talk• One point after another• Are you a sleep yet?
    • DON’Tact like a Rock Star
    • UNLESS YOU’RE…This Guy!
    • Don’t ApologiseFor technological mishapsThey happen to everyone!
    • Remember it JustTakes Practice!NoviceSeasonedJobs LikePracticeMore PracticeLots of Practice
    • I’m Inspiredby these people:Nancy DuarteGarr ReynoldsSlides That Rock!Eugene ChengEmiland De CubberEmpower PresentationsJesse Desjardins
    • Thank YouNeed Help withyour Slide deckGet in touch!thepresentationdesigner.co.uk“I’m available totalk at events orconferences!”
    • Credits:The Noun Project The PNG Projecthttp://thenounproject.com http://thepngproject.comSome Icons fromAwesome SlashPicturePhoto by Edvillhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/edvill/8561417180/