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  • Thanks Terence for great initiative and incremental updates. This landscape is changing so quickly that it is def hard to keep up. I would like to nominate Kvantum for Marketing Modeling group. I look fwd to an opportunity to connect with you on the same.
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  • I love the Lumascapes! Each one is a very helpful cheat sheet to the sub-industry.

    1.) It would be cool to see a 'time lapse' animation of how the LUMAscapes for the different ecosystems have changed over time. Just a thought... Do you hold on to the out of date LUMAscapes?
    2.) I don't see DSPs and SSPs broken out in the Marketing Technology LUMAscape above. I think that would be helpful.
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  • Thx for the update and great job as always Terence! Do you publish what you've added or changed since the previous version anywhere? Insightera was acquired by Marketo last December but noticed you didn't have them denoted as a acquired company. Also suggest checking out Socialwhirled and adding under the Social Marketing Management category.
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  • Awesome to see some of the Gamification platforms making this list!
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  • Great overview indeed. In updates to come I'd welcome these additions: 1) a weighting in terms of best-of-breed solutions 2) solutions more likely to 'span' 2 or more categories (marketing automation players incl HubSpot eg would be eligible to cover analytics, social media marketing, CMS and to some extent CRM capabilities too) and 3) Forrester/IDC/Gartner top X list per category to be included. In WCM eg Adobe, Ektron, MSFT, OpenText, Acquire should be mentioned too.
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