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Content curation tools for brands

by Working at return-on-clicks.com on Jul 04, 2012

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Content curation is a natural evolution of online content creation and distribution. ...

Content curation is a natural evolution of online content creation and distribution.

It helps brands face the two imperatives of Content Marketing:
1) increase the brand's visibility: By tapping into external content, curation creates a rich inbound context that drives traffic to the brand's original content,
2) foster customer engagement: Content curation helps position the brand as a reference on the topics it shares with its audience.

Content curation tools like Scoop.it and Pinterest ease the curation process by partly automating it.
- pulling online content through widgets, bookmarklets, crawl or RSS feeds
- re-purposing it by filtering, editing and re-organizing content from multiple sources into topics,
- publishing the curated content on multiple media, including social media

The topic-centric nature of content curation helps users discover the brand and helps the brand position itself on its audience's interest graph.

There are hundreds of curation tools.

- Free public social content curation platforms à la Pinterest, tumblr, bundlr, trap.it are both online tools and social destination networks.
- Paid-for corporate tools a la Curata, CurationSoft, Digimind are private collaborative platforms that help brands create a competitive advantage through both content creation and content curation.
- Many tools, such as Zemanta and Scoop.it have a freemium business model and serve the two markets.

The social features of social curation (like, comment, follow, re-clip/re-pin) bring to brand content the peer validation that connected customer consider indispensable to trust a brand

Content curation tools can also be categorized according to the type of content they specialize in:
- Shopping curation tools such as The Fancy, Fab.com or Pinterest
- Social media curation tools such as Storify
- News curation tools such as LiquidNewsroom or Wavii.

Content curation should be part of every Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing strategy.
Brands should pick the top social curation and corporate curation tools for their market and use them in complement to each other to ease and optimize both content creation and content curation.

Curation is not panacea for failing to create original brand content:
- Content curation won't increase the visibility of a brand that does not have a compelling brand story
- it will fail to engage customers if the brands does not genuinely share topics with its audience.

In addition
- curation is hard work, it requires most of the skills of content creation.
- curation does not stem the content overload, on the contrary it worsens content inflation
- it also worsens copyright issues

This slide deck is a sister document to my eponym blog post: http://return-on-clicks.com/index.php/2012/06/content-curation-for-brands/



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Content curation tools for brands Content curation tools for brands Presentation Transcript