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Agiles Leadership, transformatives Leadership, komplex-adaptives Leadership und Andere sind in erster Linie eine Beschreibung von individuellen Fähigkeiten und Verhaltensweisen wie soziale Kompetenzen, emotionale Intelligenz, systemisches Denken, Vision und Mut.
Leadership dient dazu, weiter als Geschäftsziele zu erreichen, eine bessere Zukunft zu schöpfen, wo es darum geht, Widerstände, Ungewissheit, Zweifel und Angst entgegenzutreten. Diese Art Leadership braucht sicherlich etwas mehr als gute kommunikative Kompetenzen, die in einem 3-tägigen Kurs erworben werden.
Dann stellt sich die Frage: woher kommt die Energie für solche Herausforderungen? Wie können wir, als normale Menschen, unseren Geist (und Körper) entwickeln, um zur Evolution unserer Firma – Gesellschaft – Menschheit beizutragen? Wie können wir unsere universelle Verbundenheit und die Macht unseres Geistes mobilisieren, um Wert für unsere Gesellschaft zu schöpfen? Und wie sollen die Leader der Zukunft ausgebildet werden?

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Quantic Leadership - Swiss ICT #agile breakfast Bern - 27.5.15

  1. 1. Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 www.comitans.ch 1 Philippe Vallat, Ph.D. www.comitans.ch ph.vallat@comitans.ch +41 - 26 / 402 62 75 @vallatph v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 1 Agile or Quantic Leadership? Beingness, psychic abilities and connectivity 27. Mai 2015 Agile Breakfast Bern SwissICT « Quantic Leadership » v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 3 Why? v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 4 10 core materialistic beliefs (Rupert Sheldrake) 1. Everything is essentially mechanical. Dogs, for example, are complex mechanisms, rather than living organisms with goals of their own. Even people are machines, “lumbering robots,” in Richard Dawkins' vivid phrase, with brains that are like genetically programmed computers. 2. All matter is unconscious. It has no inner life or subjectivity or point of view. Even human consciousness is an illusion produced by the material activities of brains. 3. The total amount of matter and energy is always the same (with the exception of the Big Bang, when all the matter and energy of the universe suddenly appeared). 4. The laws of nature are fixed. They are the same today as they were at the beginning, and they will stay the same forever. 5. Nature is purposeless, and evolution has no goal or direction. v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 5 10 core materialistic beliefs (Rupert Sheldrake) 6. All biological inheritance is material, carried in the genetic material, DNA, and in other material structures. 7. Minds are inside heads and are nothing but the activities of brains. When you look at a tree, the image of the tree you are seeing is not “out there,” where it seems to be, but inside your brain. 8. Memories are stored as material traces in brains and are wiped out at death. 9. Unexplained phenomena like telepathy are illusory. 10. Mechanistic medicine is the only kind that really works. v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 6 Cynefin v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 7 http://cognitive-edge.com/blog/entry/6149/great-is-the-power-of-steady-misrepresentation/ Dave Snowden
  2. 2. Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 www.comitans.ch 2 Ansätze je nach Problemart v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 8 EINFACH KOMPLIZIERT KOMPLEX CHAOTISCH Natur der Fragestellung Problem und Lösung sind bekannt («Known knows") Problem bekannt, Lösung unbekannt aber eruierbar ("Known unknows") Problem und Lösung unbekannt ("Unknown unknows") Problem und Lösung unbekannt ("Unknowable unknows") Management- Haltung Sense-categorize-respond spüren - kategorisieren - antworten Sense-analyze-respond spüren – analysieren - antworten Probe-sense-respond Ausprobieren – spüren - antworten Act-sense-respond handeln – spüren – antworten Zukunft Bekannte, voraussehbare Zukunft Unbekannte aber vorstellbare Zukunft Unvorstellbare Zukunft Zukunft jenseits jeder Vorstellung - Verwirrung Umgang mit der Zukunft Mit Lösungen: • reproduziert • vorbestimmt Mit Zielen: • Abgeleitet, entwickelt, zusammengestellt • Deskriptiv, quantitativ Mit einer Vision : • kreieren • Narrativ, qualitativ Durch Überraschung : Evolution, Emergenz, Unterbrechung, Improvisation Orientierungsart Gegenwärtiger Ort („Hier“) Destination („Dort“) Richtung („Dorthin“) Desorientierung („wo?“) Notwendigen Individuellen Ressourcen Bewusstes / unbewusstes Gedächtnis (Automatismen, Gewohnheiten, Programme) Kognitive Intelligenz, Logik, rationales Denken („Kopf“) Emotionale Intelligenz, Intuition („Herz“) Emotionale Intelligenz, Intuition („Herz“) Notwendigen Ressourcen Individuelle Kompetenzen („ich“) Geteilte Intelligenz („du + ich“) Kollektive Intelligenz, Umfeld („wir“) Feld und Transpersonales („wir“ und „es“) Arbeitsart Erledigung von Einzelaufgaben Koordination von mehreren Aufgaben, Zusammenarbeit Ko-Entwicklung Koevolution Leadership-Styl Kommandieren und kontrollieren Management und Koordination Leadership Heroismus Hauptemotionen Neutral (emotional und kognitiv bequem) Momentane Störung (aus- haltbare emotionale und kognitive Unbequemlichkeit) Angst, Zweifel, Frustrationen (starke emotionale und kognitive Unbequemlichkeit) Panik, Verwirrung (extreme emotionale und kognitive Unbequemlichkeit) v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 9 v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 12 Geistige Fähigkeiten / The power of our mind Sein / Beingness Verbundenheit / Connectedness SEIN / BEINGNESS v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 13 “It is from Beingness that Doingness springs... not the other way around. “ v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 14 Neale Donald Walsch http://aboq.org/walsch/bulletin/beingness.htm v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 15 www.thindifference.com/2014/05/21/vuca-times-call-durt-leaders/
  3. 3. Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 www.comitans.ch 3 Implications for «quantic leadership» Beingness Possible application COACH-State Sustain VUCA-situations and difficult emotions Quality of being Observation of the inner world and the outside world: availability to the emergence of unexpected insights Quality of being Connecting with my/our Zone (of excellence and beyond) v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 16 All these skills can be taught and trained! GEISTIGE FÄHIGKEITEN / PSYCHIC ABILITES v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 17 Precognition Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 20 http://deanradin.blogspot.ch v7.5.15 Implications for «quantic leadership» Ability Possible application Intuition Access to information which is not accessible through senses and analysis; creativity; anticipation Positive intention (love), intentional influence at a distance Contribution to making things become real Process of defining a vision and objectives v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 21 All these skills are normal human abilities that can be taught and trained! Improve your skills • Train your mind – Meditate / Practice yoga / Practice art or music (any activity leading to a calm mind) – Learn • Listen to your body v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 22 VERBUNDENHEIT / CONNECTEDNESS v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 23 http://noosphere.princeton.edu/ http://z-e-i-t-e-n-w-e-n-d-e.blogspot.ch/2011/03/global-consciousness-project.html
  4. 4. Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 www.comitans.ch 4 The Bond Frontier biologists, physicists, psychologists and sociologists have all found evidence that (…) between the smallest particles of our being, our bodies and their environments, ourselves and all of the people with whom we are in contact, (…) there is a Bond – (…) there is no longer a clear demarcation between the end of one thing and the beginning of another. The world essentially operates, not through the activity of individual things, but in the connection between them -- in a sense, within the space between things. v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 25 Lynne McTaggart http://thebond.net/ Morphic fields Morphic resonance gives an inherent memory in fields at all levels of complexity. Any given morphic system, say, a squirrel, "tunes in" to previous similar systems, in this case previous squirrels of its species. Through this process each individual squirrel draws upon, and in turn contributes to, a collective or pooled memory of its kind. In the human realm, this kind of collective memory corresponds to what the psychologist C. G. Jung called the "collective unconscious." v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 27 http://noetic.org/noetic/issue-four-november-2010/morphic-fields-and-morphic-resonance/ Ruppert Sheldrake The Eight Laws of Social Change “Social Change requires wisdom, character, patience, and the willingness to forego any personal credit.” Stephan A. Schwartz www.stephanaschwartz.com/ v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 28 The Eight Laws of Social Change 1.The individuals (individually) and the group (collectively) share a common intention. 2.The individuals and the group may have goals and cherish the potential outcomes. 3.The individuals in the group accept that their goal may not be reached in their lifetimes, and are O.K. with that. 4.The individuals in the group accept that they may not get either credit or acknowledgment for what they have done, and are authentically O.K. about this. 5. Each person in the group regardless of gender, religion, race, or culture enjoy fundamental equality while the various roles in the hierarchy of the effort are respected. 6. The individuals in the group foreswear violence in word, act or thought. 7. The individuals in the group must make their personal lives consistent with their public postures. 8. The individuals (individually) and the group (collectively) always act from the “beingness” of integrity. v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 29 Implications for «quantic leadership» Connectedness Possible application Establishing a field Support for team work, learning class, relationships… Connecting with our Zone (of excellence and beyond), individually and collectively Morphic resonance Access to collective (unconscious) memory for solving known problems, for learning … v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 38 Can be activily and consciously applied! v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 39 Geistige Fähigkeiten Sein Verbundenheit
  5. 5. Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 www.comitans.ch 5 Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 40 “The nearly absolute dominance of materialism in the academic world has seriously constricted the sciences…” “Science is first and foremost a non- dogmatic, open-minded method of acquiring knowledge about nature” “Psychological studies have shown that conscious mental activity can causally influence behavior” “…we can mentally influence—at a distance—physical devices and living organisms (including other human beings)” “Materialist theories fail to elucidate how brain could generate the mind…” Post-materialism Paradigm http://opensciences.org/about/manifesto-for-a-post-materialist-science a) Mind represents an aspect of reality as primordial as the physical world. b) There is a deep interconnectedness between mind and the physical world. c) Mind (will/intention) can influence the state of the physical world d) Minds (…) may unite in ways suggesting a unitary, One Mind that includes all individual, single minds e) The mind can work through the brain, but is not produced by it f) (…) v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 41 «Quantic» Leadership? v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 43 Are you ready to accept your own power to make change happen? Empfohlene Literatur • Quantum Mechanics, Spirituality and Leadership, Rajeev Peshawaria, Forbes, 21.3.14, http://www.forbes.com/sites/rajeevpeshawaria/2014/03/21/quantum-mechanics-spirituality- leadership/ • International Summit on post-materialist science, spirituality and society: Summary Report, Schwartz, Miller and Beauregard, May 21, 2014 , http://opensciences.org/files/pdfs/ISPMS- Summary-Report.pdf • From One to the Many: The Social Implications of Nonlocal Perception, Stephan A. Schwartz, 3.3.14, http://www.schwartzreport.net/from-one-to-the-many-the-social-implications-of- nonlocal-perception/ • The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us, Lynne McTaggart, 2011 • THE POWER – The Eight Laws of Social Change, Stephan A. Schwartz, Powerpoint presentation • Trends That Will Affect Your Future… The Beingness Doctrine, Stephan A. Schwartz, 2008, www.explorejournal.com/article/S1550-8307%2807%2900416-8/fulltext • But What Would the End of Humanity Mean for Me? James Hamblin, 2014 www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/05/but-what-does-the-end-of-humanity-mean-for- me/361931/ • Beingness to Doingness, Neale Donald Walsch, 2002, http://aboq.org/walsch/bulletin/beingness.htm • 10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical Material World, Monroe Institute, 2014, www.monroeinstitute.org/thehub/10-scientific-studies-that-prove- consciousness-can-alter-our-physical-mater • COACH-State, Robert Dilts, http://nlpportal.org/nlpedia/wiki/COACH_state v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 44 "Quantic Leadership" von Philippe Vallat - COMITANS ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung - Nicht-kommerziell - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 4.0 International Lizenz. Über diese Lizenz hinausgehende Erlaubnisse können Sie unter www.comitans.ch erhalten. v7.5.15 Agile Breakfast Bern - 27.5.15 45