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WARC Report
The World’s Most Valuable Brands
A summary of the BrandFinance250 Report 2007                                 ...
Most highly rated brands
The report also identifies the world’s very strongest brands, using Brand Finance’s Brand Strengt...
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The World's Most Valuable Brands, WARC Report, March 2007

This report details some of the findings of The BrandFinance250 Report (BF250), which provides a ranked index of the world's 250 most financially valuable brands. It lists the top global brands across a number of measures, and also uses Brand Finance's Brand Strength Index to identify the strongest brands around the world

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The World's Most Valuable Brands, WARC Report, March 2007

  1. 1. WARC Report The World’s Most Valuable Brands A summary of the BrandFinance250 Report 2007 www.warc.com Overview The BrandFinance250 Report (BF250) provides a ranked index of the world’s 250 most financially valuable brands. It comes at a time when brands are increasingly recognised as important intangible assets that confer long-term competitive advantages. This is reflected by recent changes in international accounting standards, which now permit brands (and other separately identifiable intangible assets) of acquired companies to be placed on post-acquisition balance sheets. There are several ways of valuing brands. The BF250 adopts the ‘Royalty Relief’ approach, a method favoured by tax authorities and courts for its objectivity. Based on publicly available financial information, it ties back to the commercial reality of brands – specifically, their ability to command a premium in an arm’s length transaction. Top global brands The total value of the 250 most valuable global brands Table 1: the BF250 Top 10 Brands is US $2,179 trillion. Much of this brand value is not Value located in conventional consumer goods sectors, Position Brand ($m) underlining the point that brands now create significant 1 Coca-Cola 43,146 economic value in all sectors, from utilities to finance. 2 Microsoft 37,074 3 Citibank 35,148 4 Wal-Mart 34,899 The report finds Coca-Cola to be the world’s most 5 IBM 34,074 valuable brand, billing in at over $43bn – nearly twice 6 HSBC 33,495 that of its market rival Pepsi (ranked 19th on nearly 7 GE 31,850 $24bn). 8 Bank of America 31,426 9 Hewlett-Packard 29,445 10 Marlboro 26,990 The IT and technology sector is headed by software Source: BrandFinance250 giant Microsoft in second place, with IBM and Hewlett- Packard in fifth and ninth respectively. Of the new internet brands, the highest entry in the list is Google, ranked in 15th place with a brand value of $24bn. The world’s largest company by market capitalisation, GE, sees its corporate brand come in at seventh place overall. Brand contributions to overall enterprise value In some cases brand value constitutes the bulk of Table 2: Brand Value as % of Enterprise companies’ total enterprise value (the combined Value market value of their equity and debt). Nike, for Value example, contributes the most, with its brand equating Position Brand (%) to 84% of the company's total enterprise value. The 1 Nike 84 second most valuable brand in this category is Prada, 2 Prada 73 representing 73% of the company’s total value. 3 Acer 71 4 Avon 68 5 Bulgari 68 Fashion and cosmetic brands comprise almost all of 6 Chanel 63 the top ten, including Chanel and Estée Lauder, 7 Estée lauder 61 representing 66% and 61% of the parent company’s 8 Quicksilver 60 value respectively. On average, brand values 9 Calvin Klein 58 10 adidas 56 represent 18% of the total enterprise value of the Source: BrandFinance250 businesses represented within the BF250, confirming the importance of brands to the overall value and success of the businesses that they symbolise.
  2. 2. Most highly rated brands The report also identifies the world’s very strongest brands, using Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index, grading them AAA (extremely strong), AA (very strong) and A (strong) through to CCC (very weak), CC (extremely weak) and C (failing). Conceptually similar to company credit ratings, the index provides an understanding of the strength of each brand and is used to determine appropriate royalty and discount rates in the brand valuation process. Table 3 shows the 37 ‘extremely strong’ brands awarded Triple-A status. Within that, just 12 achieved the highest accolade of AAA+, 8 earned AAA status and 17 were identified as AAA–. Table 3: The BF250s AAA brands AAA+ brands AAA brands AAA– brands Coca-Cola Gucci Singapore Airlines Kellogg’s Apple Disney McDonald’s Nokia Budweiser Microsoft Dell Starbucks Gillette Louis Vuitton Nintendo Chanel Porsche Siemens Nike HSBC Shell Sony Harley-Davidson Moët & Chandon BMW American Express Google Wrigley’s PricewaterhouseCoopers Hennessy Prada Heineken Oracle Jaguar eBay Evian BT Source: BrandFinance250 Values by region US brands dominate the BF250 global league table, accounting for 112 of the 250 listed. This represents 45% of the total and confirms the global dominance of US brands and businesses. Overall, 92 European brands represent 37% of the BF250 global league table. Within that, the UK, with 26 featured brands, emerges above France, which has 24. Germany has 17 – including six global automotive brands: namely, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Chrysler, VW, Porsche and Audi. The remaining 45 brands come from across the globe with a small number from emerging markets. The report predicts future years to see an increasing number of brands from Brazil, Russia, India and China and also from other emerging markets. Further information on the full BrandFinance250 report and its methodology is available from www.brandfinance.com Editor: James Aitchison, james.aitchison@warc.com © Copyright World Advertising Research Center, 2007. www.warc.com www.warc.com All rights reserved including database rights. This electronic file is for the personal use of authorised users based at the subscribing company's office location. It may not be reproduced, posted on intranets, extranets or the internet, e-mailed, archived or shared electronically either within the purchaser’s organisation or externally without express written permission from World Advertising Research Center.