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Advertising Stunts And Ideas Q42009 Vol.III

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Advertising Stunts And Ideas Q42009 Vol.III

  1. 1. Cities of Portoroz and Piran| Flaming rose Agency:McCann Erickson Skopje, Macedonia .*Portoroz means Port of Roses, Piran means fire. Advertising Stunts & Ideas Vol.III © 2009 Q3|2009
  2. 2. AMBIENT
  3. 3. Douwe Egberts: Talking cup
  4. 4. Check out the presentation video.
  5. 5. Think twice about what you put in your body. A message from National Nutrition Council. 1974
  6. 6. Dominos provide an ambient solution for out-of-home pizza delivery.
  7. 7. |Direct Marketing
  8. 8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7Z-Y2W83q8
  10. 10. 50,000 leads, $0 advertising
  11. 11. OUT OF HOME
  12. 12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McQWnEwGmdU
  13. 13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rVDUyWVygM
  14. 14. Outdoor Press
  15. 15. Poster Pole DM
  16. 16. THE ORIGINAL? Men & kid‟s shoes by GÖRTZ Stores – 2005 Source : Cannes Archive Online, Agency : Springer & Jacoby (Germany) LESS ORIGINAL : Men & Kid‟s wear at C&A stores – 2007 Source : Media GOLD LION “Best Use of Outdoor”, Agency : DDB, Brussels (Belgium)
  17. 17. THE ORIGINAL? LESS ORIGINAL : Playboy “Guys, pray for rain” – 2002 Calvin Klein Underwear – 2009 Source : Cannes Archive Online Source : Adsoftheworld, Agency : Rempen & Partner Agency : Chosun University, Gwangju (Germany) (South Kore
  18. 18. |graffiti art | street typograp
  19. 19. PRINT
  20. 20. _basic_necessities
  21. 21. |Guerrilla Marketing
  22. 22. XXL Red Bull can: Sampling mini activation Launching the XXL Red Bull can, we Leveraged the iconic Red Bull sampling mini and created an "oversized" can for the mini roof. A can so large that it has consequences. Advertising Agency: Kastner & Partners, Sydney, Australia ECD: Darryn Devlin Writers: Luke and Nick Simkins, Darryn Devlin Art Director: Darryn Devlin Production Company: Brilliant Film Director: Nick Hansen http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/xxl_red_bull_can_sampling_mini_activation
  23. 23. Duracell has hatched an interesting campaign in New York’s Times Square which offers a chance to participate in some crowd-sourced power generation. The battery manufacturer unveiled their Smart Power lab last week, where visitors can come to charge gadgets for free, play Xbox games, and expend some energy to help power the 2010 numerals for the New Years Eve ball drop. The “Power Rover”, a stationary bike-like device will capture and convert users pedaling into electricity. http://powerlab.duracell.com/
  24. 24. During the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, nuun had a gorilla chase a banana to promote banananuun, the banana flavored electrolyte tablets. The gorilla and the banana were very popular photo objects and their banananuun samples were seemingly also appreciated.
  25. 25. To create awareness of the ChicagoNow.com blog “Arresting Tales” (http://www.chicagonow. com/blogs/arresting- tales/) which is written by an actual Chicago police officer, zig dressed up 10 shackled “prisoners” in orange jumpsuits that read “Check out Arresting Tales at ChicagoNow.com.” Accompanied by a “cop,” they wandered up and down Chicago‟s tony Michigan Avenue, to the delight (and sometimes concern) of passersby
  26. 26. Promotion loyalty program RETAIL/POS
  27. 27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thu9zpzrZz0
  28. 28. Best Event Marketing Campaign http://www.maaw.org/globesAwards
  29. 29. http://www.maaw.org/globesAwards Best Event Marketing Campaign
  30. 30. Best Event Marketing Campaign
  31. 31. Best Digital Communications Campaign http://www.maaw.org/globesAwards
  32. 32. Best Digital Communications Campaign
  33. 33. Best Digital Communications Campaign
  34. 34. Best Dealer or Salesforce Campaign
  35. 35. Best Dealer or Salesforce Campaign
  36. 36. Best Dealer or Salesforce Campaign
  37. 37. Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign
  38. 38. Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign
  39. 39. Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign
  40. 40. Best Cause or Charity Marketing Campaign
  41. 41. Best Business-to-Business Campaign
  42. 42. Best Business-to-Business Campaign
  43. 43. Best Business-to-Business Campaign
  44. 44. Best Brand-Building Campaign
  45. 45. Best Brand-Building Campaign
  46. 46. Best Brand-Building Campaign
  47. 47. Procter & Gamble P&G wanted to extend the Pringles product line, Mini Pringles, for consumers who are “on the go”, but they didn‟t have a budget for a TV Campaign. The Agency‟s solution was to use multichannel activities to deliver a „taste, fun & small size‟ message to the target consumers, males & females, 13- 32 tears (core 16-22), urban, students, who are modern, fashionable, easy going and keen to try new brands. As well as building solid product awareness and trail.
  48. 48. Newell Rubbermaid Sharpie markers are a market leading US brand of permanent marker pens with a wide selection of nibs and colours that writes effortlessly on almost any surface. The Sharpie roadshow successfully addressed (market leadership) a dated, dull product category lacking any consumer interest. Being re-useable and easy to work with, Buddy was as roadshow- friendly as he was people-friendly. While insight driven, the very simplicity by which the Buddy installation facilitated self expression and shared expression was the reason so many embraced the campaign. At every event, Buddy was covered from head to foot in signatures, doodles, drawings, poems, footballers‟ names, lovers‟ names and many more – the needs of a ubiquitous target market were widely addressed.
  49. 49. Scottish & Newcastle John Smith People‟s Race offered the UK public a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - to ride in a genuine horserace at Aintree Race Course on JS Grand National Day - raising £100k for charity. To be part of one of the world‟s most exciting and famous sporting events struck a cord with the target market of C2D males as demonstrated by the age, occupation and interests of the applicants. John Smith‟s is the UK‟s number one bitter but the category was in decline. 2007 was the third year of John Smith‟s Grand National sponsorship. Horseracing is the core „no- nonsense‟ brand platform. The world‟s most famous steeplechase is the major event in an annual programme of sponsored horseracing activity. John Smith‟s doesn‟t run any advertising in the UK market and the brief was to extend the period of time for which the JS Grand National was relevant; and to engage at every level with the target market: 40 - 60 yr old C2D males, „No Nonsense‟ attitude who over-index on horseracing, betting and value for money.
  50. 50. Yotvata Dairies (The Strauss Group) With more than 60% awareness and 25% of the Israeli population who wanted to experience the festival, this is a powerful, comprehensive campaign which boosted the Yotvata brand of milk drinks (chocolate/mocha milk drinks), whipped cream and milk, into new highs, above and beyond the competition. Since it was founded in the late sixties of the previous century, Yotvata dairies have produced consistently superior dairy products. Located in the Arava, Israel's southernmost region, most Israelis still cherish Yotvata as the last stop before the resort town Eilat. Although sold in 1998 to The Strauss Group, Israel's second largest dairy, Yotvata (The Kibbutz) still collectively remained as the only place to get superior milk products, and only 25 miles away from the ultimate family vacation destination – hence "the taste of freedom". Nowadays, the Yotvata brand is a leading brand amongst the milk drinks, especially chocolate milk, a market leader against its main rivals. In 2006, however, one of these rivals had massively launched a competing chocolate milk line, directed to teenagers. Following this launch, the normally quiet market became turbulent, as Yotvata decided to bolster its brand values again.
  51. 51. OCBC Bank The retail banking category in Singapore is competitive and crowded, with 4 local banks (DBS, POSB, UOB and OCBC) and international banks including Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Maybank all competing for customers. A key objective of any bank is to attract deposits which drive overall revenue. OCBC identified an opportunity to increase revenue by targeting young savers in Singapore. Although 3 banks offered accounts for children (POSB, UOB and Maybank), none was very active, and OCBC believed that there was a significant business opportunity in attracting these young savers to the bank. Success would be measured by the number of accounts opened and the total revenue value. The target was to open a targeted accounts in year 1, each with an agreed average $ value.
  52. 52. http://www.us.levi.com/care/landing.aspx
  53. 53. Hewlett-Packard Taiwan HP Original Rewards (HPOR) is an Asia-Pacific regional loyalty program specific designed for Small and Medium businesses (SMB), which is holding over than 12 regions and countries. Customers could redeem over than 100 gifts in the online catalogue through accumulating points from purchasing selected HP original cartridges. HPOR Taiwan is not only one of the biggest, longest running, and most extensive B2B loyalty programs in local market, but the result is also tremendous over the whole APAC. From 2007, an innovate development of combining recycling rewards into this program. This “double rewards” is to suit the client‟s enterprise green image, and made the rewards concept more completely from producing, purchasing to recycling. Taiwan‟s market is energetic by its numerous small and medium businesses. SMBs‟ remarkable characters of mobility, intangible and cost-oriented make SMBs become the hardest segment to drive sales contribution. For our client, HP Image and Printing Group Taiwan, the biggest challenge is replacement/counterfeit cartridges problem. Compare to the high-volume purchasing enterprises, so called Most Valuable Companies (MVCs), SMBs are a high potential but unstable field. We provide a complete solution for our client not only to manage customers‟ loyalty, but to increase the shipment, to raise the competitiveness against the low-price replacement cartridges, and real-time product control of SMB.
  54. 54. "A great insight provides the basis of a social experiment that represents one of the best CSR campaigns to date. Campaigns promoting responsible behaviour don't have to be apocalyptic or po-faced to make an impact." Volkswagen|The Fun Theory
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