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The history of the happy ballroom

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Entertainment on Hastings Pier

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The history of the happy ballroom

  1. 1. 1950 – 1970 André Palfrey-Martin MA BA Hons PGCE
  2. 2.  The Music and Entertainment in The Happy Ballroom, has evolved since the venue first opened in the 1870s – the period that I want to look at is from the late 1950s –1970. A time when I was involved with the venue.  What was on offer from the late 1950s – and how the changes often reflected the economic conditions in the town looking at the advertisements for these years will give you some ideas as to what you would expect to find in the Happy Ballroom -
  3. 3.  Ted Crouch & His Band 1960
  4. 4. Local group The Confederates made their First appearance in the Happy Ballroom on this date as the last minute replacement for the supporting group – The Ramblers – who Were unable to appear
  5. 5. Tom Jones P J Proby
  6. 6. Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Unit Four + Two Ray Ellington & His Band Tony Rivers & The Castaways Tony & The Defiants
  7. 7. 20 JULY 1969 Apollo Moon landing "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
  8. 8. To many who were regulars at the Pier during these years, you would have met with this Gentleman – Robert (Bob) Knights General Manager Hastings Pier Co One of that generation who were totally behind the Pier and what it represented to the people of Hastings and around
  9. 9. Cathy Walling : Hastings Museum & Art Gallery Zoe Edwards : Hastings Reference Library Alan Esdaile : SMART FB site Peter Fairless : Bands We have seen on Hastings Pier FB Site
  10. 10. This has been a Two Donkeys Production For Scooby Media Facilities ©André Palfrey-Martin 2014