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Jacqui slide show

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Jacqui slide show

  1. 1. Pdhpe is apart of student learning as gives students an understanding of health, physical activity, safety and growth.
  2. 2. Being physically activePdhpe promotes physicalactivity as it improves youroverall wellbeing. It isimportant for reducing illness,stress factors and improvingself-esteem and development.
  3. 3. Making positive health choicesare important for developingstudents as it allows them tohave all the elements of thefood groups they need to grow,and learn from outcomes.
  4. 4. Feeling confident isimportant when it comes tostudent development as ourbodies are continuouslychanging.
  5. 5. The use of decision making,interaction, communication,problem solving andmovement will increase yourability to obtain betterhealth.