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Diets are Like Having a New Girlfriend

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Diets are like having a new girlfriend? Huh?

It's true. Starting a new diet can make you feel great, filled with energy, hope, determination, and happiness. There is actually a legitimate physiological basis for it. When starting a new diet the body surges with stress hormones (catecholamines) that can be accompanied by feelings of alertness, energy, and even euphoria. Just like starting a new relationship!

But these great feelings are short-lived, and eventually lead to a decrease in metabolic rate and symptoms such as:

Insomnia, fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction, apathy, a desire to binge, etc.

Just like when the original "honeymoon" period of a new relationship starts to wane.

Enjoy my slideshow, and don't diet! There is a much better way to be healthy and even look better. In fact, dieting itself is a risk factor for obesity!

Instead, your efforts are better spent working on raising your metabolic rate, which you can find out exactly how to do by following my free ECourse at www.180degreehealth.com

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