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3 Nerds and a Server - 1and1 Case Study

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For over a decade, with the support of 1&1 Internet, IT company '3 Nerds and a Server' has been providing Web-based Internet applications that solve a myriad of client problems and requests through flexible options and full technology control. This presentation tells their story and how the flexibility and scalability of the 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server helped '3 Nerds and a Server' achieve its goals.

Check out 3 Nerds and a Server at http://www.3nerds.com/.

Find more testimonials and case studies from real 1&1 customers at http://slideshare.net/1and1 or http://success.1and1.com/testimonials/


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3 Nerds and a Server - 1and1 Case Study

  1. 1. 1&1 Case Study 3 Nerds and a Server – Chris LaBelle www.3nerds.com ® 1&1 Internet Inc. 2013 Page 1
  2. 2. What is 3 Nerds and a Server?  Launched in February 2000  Originally focused on developing Web applications  The concept evolved over time into one core application called „NetApprentice‟  User friendly content management system  Pluggable modules for managing: subscribers, donations, e-commerce, advertisements, surveys, documents and events ® 1&1 Internet Inc. 2013 Page 2
  3. 3. How the company started Previous to 3 Nerds and a Server, the three founders worked for a development firm that was forced to close its doors. They took this as an opportunity to create their own professional future. “We wanted to build a virtual company where we could work from home and build custom Web applications using a central development environment.” - LaBelle ® 1&1 Internet Inc. 2013 Page 3
  4. 4. Finding the right hosting partner  The partners previously had experience maintaining inhouse servers  The company did not wish to handle the security and liability issues that come with an in-house server so they turned to a dedicated server with a hosting company “No one else gave us the level of access to manage our servers as 1&1 Internet did.” - LaBelle ® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page4
  5. 5. Meeting the evolving hosting demands “We had a few dedicated servers with 1&1 and were really happy with them. However, one of our clients introduced a new iPhone app that increased the server load the moment it launched. We immediate switched them to a Cloud Server to handle the increased traffic.” - LaBelle Reasons for Choosing a 1&1 Cloud Server Flexible Configuration – handle changes in resource demands ® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Affordability Full root access with dedicated resources Ability to set up multiple virtual machines into sections Backup space to keep a recent copy of files and data Page5
  6. 6. Results driven by a Cloud Server “There is a great peace of mind that comes with being able to ramp up RAM, hard-drive space and processing power as needed. We’ve also seen a drop in our overall hosting costs even though we’re using more processing power and newer software than we were before.” - LaBelle ® 1&1 Internet Inc. 2013 Page 6
  7. 7. Overall 1&1 Experience “1&1 has been a really good solution for 3 Nerds and a Server.” “We can utilize the infrastructure and security that 1&1 provides as a large-scale professional host.” “Because we have full control over the server environment, we can rest assured that each server is configured to work with our content management software, NetApprentice, and updates can be rolled out at our pace to ensure outstanding uptimes for our client sites.” “The 1&1 Dynamic Cloud servers help us to grow as needed and always make sure our clients are getting the processing power they need to make sure their websites load quickly and reliably.” -LaBelle ® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page7
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention! To see more 1&1 Case Studies, visit: success.1and1.com/testimonials ® 1&1 Internet Inc. 2013 Page 8