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MyBusiness Site Feature Tutorial 5.12.11

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Now more than ever, it’s crucial that your website be engaging and content-rich to help you attract new customers. We'll show you how the new and improved 1&1 MyBusiness Site can create a professional looking website for your business.

* Choose your design from optimized layouts for over 125 types of businesses
* Easily change the design and content online - no programming skills required!
* Your website grows with you – easily add marketing tools and keep content up-to-date
* Unlimited pages, web space, and traffic
* FREE domain name and e-mail addresses included
* No hidden fees!

New features that we'll cover in this free 45-minute tutorial:

- Upgraded Image Library
- Document Viewer
- Industry News Feed
- Calendar Function
- E-mail Marketing Tool
- 1&1 SEO Ready Service

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MyBusiness Site Feature Tutorial 5.12.11

  1. 1. © 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  2. 2. 1&1 MyBusiness Site Tutorial Agenda<br />1&1 MyBusiness Site Packages Available<br />Features Available on 1&1 MyBusinessSite<br />1&1 SiteAnalytics<br />Image Library<br />Document Viewer <br />Industry News <br />Calendar<br />E-mail Marketing Tool<br />1&1 SEO Ready Service<br />Site Of The Month Opportunity<br />Q&A<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  3. 3. 1&1 MyBusiness Site Packages Available<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  4. 4. HTML Widgets <br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2010<br />A small application that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end user. – Wikipedia<br />Great way to easily add content to your website.<br />Widgets are typically things like clocks, weather reports, stocks or sports tickers and games.<br />Widgetbox.com<br />Facebook.com/badges<br />Twitter.com/widgets<br />Available with: Any package<br />
  5. 5. 1&1 SiteAnalytics<br />1&1 SiteAnalytics shows you how your website is performing <br />Customize your dashboard to see the statistics that are important to you.<br />See the number of visitors to your website, which websites they come from and how long they stay on your site.<br />See which keywords were used by visitors to find your site, which Internet browser they use and which pages most visitors enter and exit from your site. <br />Available with All Packages<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  6. 6. Image Library<br />One of our top requests: being able to add stock photos<br />12,500 business relevant photos that are included for free<br />Represent your company and products professionally<br />You can freely use these stock images on your website<br />Search for Photos or Illustrations, full text search<br />Available with: Plus & Premium<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  7. 7. Document Viewer<br />An improvement over the “download” feature – now visitors can browse the documents you have available without leaving the page<br />Integrate brochures and other customer information<br />Ideal for flyers, catalogs, descriptions, data sheets…<br />Visitors can flip through the document, print it, zoom in to it, etc.<br />Document formats:<br />.pdf<br />.doc<br />.ppt<br />Available with: Plus & Premium<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  8. 8. Industry News Feeds<br />News feeds are a good way to add content to your site and keep your visitors frequenting your site<br />Offer your visitors current industry news<br />Easily integrate the news feed directly into your site<br />Via RSS-Feed<br />Two types available:<br />1&1 selected newsfeeds<br />External partner newsfeeds<br />Or add your own<br />Available with: Plus& Premium<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  9. 9. Event Calendar<br />Add an interactive calendar to your website<br />Keep your customers up-to-date on upcoming events<br />Great for in-store or online events<br />Great for displaying class schedules or group events<br />3 different views:<br />Weekly, Monthly, or by Event List<br />Available with: Plus & Premium<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  10. 10. Email Marketing Tool<br />Send customer newsletters with no programming knowledge<br />Add a sign-up box to your website<br />Increase customer communication and actively market your products or services to an interested and motivated audience<br />Available with: Plus & Premium<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  11. 11. 1&1 SEO Ready Service<br />Make sure your website is search engine-ready<br />Easy steps to follow with advice every step of the way<br />Our experts will review your site and make sure you’re ready for major search engines, as well as make suggestions for meta tags, linkbacks, keywords, etc.<br />Available with: Premium<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  12. 12. 1&1 MyBusiness Site Packages Available<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  13. 13. Site Of The Month<br />Be Featured in Our Newsletter<br />Send your site to testimonials@1and1.com<br />We’ll review it and ask you for your feedback.<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />
  14. 14. Any questions?<br />Facebook.com/1and1<br />Twitter.com/1and1<br />© 1&1 Internet Inc. 2011<br />