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The Smart City as a Data City - Google Tedx Talk

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21c President and Founder, Dr Julia Glidden was invited by Google to be a key speaker at their TEDx event on Smart Cities. Speaking to over 200 members of Google Julia set out the concept of using a city as an innovation platform, using open data to harness the power of a cities greatest resource – its citizens.

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The Smart City as a Data City - Google Tedx Talk

  1. 1. The Smart City as a Data City: Taking Us Back to the Future? Dr. Julia Glidden 21c Consultancy 1st December 2014
  2. 2. .The ‘Smart’ Future is Near….
  3. 3. And Might Just Take Us to the Past….
  4. 4. The Smart City Concept
  5. 5. Data as the Fuel….
  6. 6. …The Citizen as the Driver
  7. 7. … And the Neighbourhood at the Centre
  8. 8. The Enablers are Everywhere
  9. 9. Smart Phones are Smart….
  10. 10. And they are Going ‘Glocal’
  11. 11. Thanks to Citizen Sensors
  12. 12. The Possibilities are Limitless
  13. 13. From the Less Salubrious….
  14. 14. To the More Practical….
  15. 15. The Stakeholders are Getting on Board
  16. 16. Public Sector…
  17. 17. Private Sector …
  18. 18. Citizens….
  19. 19. With Benefits for Cities… ‘London Fire Labs’ visualises the impact of Fire Station closures and make smarter strategic choices TFL Live Feeds power more than 5000 Apps helping Londoners navigate the city more effectively Open Workspaces gives Small Businesses access to up-to-the- minute information about affordable workspaces near them
  20. 20. What has been Missing so Far….
  21. 21. Three Steps to making a City an Open Data- Powered Innovation Platform Preparing Government to be effective Platforms by combining the release of open data with template apps to catalyse innovation Validating Government as a ‘Platform of Platforms’ via a vertically integrated, end-to- end service demonstrator Leveraging Government as the ultimate shared economy ‘Collaborative Platform’ provider 1 2 3
  22. 22. Step 1: Open the Data & Create Apps
  23. 23. Step 2: Aggregate & Sell the Services
  24. 24. Step 3: Deliver an Innovation Platform
  25. 25. The Smart City as an IT Sharing City
  26. 26. Conclusion Need Innovation Roadmaps: • Use your organisation as a platform • Pick a business area that matters • Open and link data! • Engage the community • Support innovation • Think cross-border!