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Budget Travelling

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With the stiff competition among airlines, agencies, resorts or hotels, there are more equally great options available for avid and budget conscious travelers like us.

Play Saturday: WOW Me.
It was a unique opportunity for 24Slides team members to shine and showcase two of their greatest skills: presenting awesome slide designs (Works of Wonder) and sharing inspiring Words of Wisdom—making it a WOW moment for all the participants and the audience.

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Budget Travelling

  1. 1. BUD GETTRAVELLING PLAY SATURDAY 20 / 06 / 2015 Presented on
  2. 2. ANWAR MA’ARIF Graphic Designer A Presentation by
  3. 3. BUDGET MATTERS Plan ahead, be ready with sufficient funds Mind the low season (feb-may / sept-nov) Save up right away after payday
  4. 4. BUDGET MATTERS Online reservation sometimes is much cheaper Short haul itineraries make 3-4 times of travelling per year possible
  5. 5. BUDGET MATTERS Best cuisines are usually on the street side. It’s tasty and affordable Don’t buy gifts too much. If you do, bargain and compare from more spots on your last day
  6. 6. WHERE TO GO TIPS : LEARN FROM OTHER EXPERIENCES (FRIENDS, BLOGGERS, FORUMS, ETC.) • Beautiful is relative. Choose one affordable place that covers city, beach, culture, and mountains : BALI & JOGJA  • Affordable city tour • Nature (beach, mountain, waterfall, etc.) • Culinary
  7. 7. HAPPY TRAVELLING make memories…
  8. 8. This has been a presentation from 24Slides Team. From this Play Saturday, we reveal the hidden jewels of the incredible minds of awesome members behind 24Slides.