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Infographic - World Animal Day - 30 Fun Animal Facts pt 1

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24Slides celebrates World Animal Day and joins The Global Movement 2015 by crafting a fun infographic for their favorite animals.

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Infographic - World Animal Day - 30 Fun Animal Facts pt 1

  1. 1. I In] § / //4 WORLD ‘E ANIMAL ‘ DAY 3. S. K FUN ANIMAL FACTS pm An lnfographic by Slides to celebrate WORLD ANIMAL DAY www. wov| danima| day. ovg. uk We at 24S| ides are ONE with World Animal Day! I ‘ A L’ A Ostrich Cheetah Don’t underestimate the prowess Yet, the fastest animal on land of these thin— legged creatures. recorded is the cheetah. It can reach They can run faster than horses, speeds of up to l20kph (75mph)! and the male ones can roar like lions! Bats They’re the only mammals If you lift their tails off the ground, that can fly. Makes sense since they won’t be able to jump their leg bones are are so thin as they use these for balance. that no bat can walk! And at birth, baby kangaroos are only about an inch long! Koala These cute bears seem like These cuddly marsupials aren’t bears they can gobble an entire animal and almost exclusively eat but in reality, bamboos make up only eucalyptus leaves 99% of their diet! and nothing else! B caus a b av rs’t th n v r stop Don’t be surprised you see them growing. it must constantly gnaw everywhere. There are a million ants 0“ Oblects to keep them at for every person on earth. And talk 5‘ ma“a9eab'e 'e“9th- Otherwise: about hard work——These diligent its teeth would eventually grow Workers also never Sleep! into its brain! Tigers Our feline friends probably earned Like human thumbprint, no two their title of being lazy due to tigers ever have the same stripes. the fact that they spend The largest type of "big cat” an average of 13 to 14 hours a day in the world, tigers weigh up to sleeping! 300 kilograms (660 pounds)! An lnfographic by Slides to celebrate WORLD ANIMAL DAY http: //list25.com/25—amazing—facts—you—didnt—know—about—animals/ S O U ' http: //www. sciencekids. co. nz/ quizzes/ animal. html http: //wwwthefactsite. com/20lO/ O9/ZOO-random—animal—facts. html