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How to Read the CID Number From an SD Card

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Looking to read the CID number from an SD or microSD card? This presentation will explain how it's done and what equipment you need.

Specific hardware and software commands are required to read a CID number. Therefore it is not possible to read the CID number from your computer SD socket.

Dealing with SD cards or microSD cards in bulk or duplication environment? This article does suggest SD Duplicator equipment.

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How to Read the CID Number From an SD Card

  1. 1. How To Read CID on SD card
  2. 2. IF YOU ARE LOOKING Read the CID number of an SD card Extract the CID off an SD card You can only do this with specific hardware You cannot read the CID through a computer SD socket
  3. 3. All GPS devices and most phones will lock software to the CID number of a SD or microSD card
  4. 4. The CID number is a unique string of digits that are unique to that one card, itself
  5. 5. CID NUMBER IS VALUABLE Software developers Hardware developers Lock software to the unique number of the device ELIMINATING Ability to pass along licensed software
  6. 6. NOT AN EASY TASK Requires specific hardware Requires specific vendor commands
  7. 7. What is the CID number of an SD card
  8. 8. 16 bytes long Contains a unique card identification number The CID number is a compilation of information about the card Manufacturer Date manufactured Checksum total GB size
  9. 9. What if you are required to read the CID number off SD media in bulk? A single, one-at-a-time solution is not practical
  10. 10. NEXCOPY A manufacturer of SD duplicator equipment offers such a solution for mass reading and extracting of CID SD DUPLICATORS microSD DUPLICATORS
  11. 11. With Nexcopy Secure Digital Duplicators the reading of CID numbers is part of the standard software package.
  12. 12. THE EQUIPMENT CAN READY 20 CARDS AT A TIME 40 CARDS AT A TIME 60 CARDS AT A TIME Three models to select based on production requirements.
  13. 13. The duplicators will read the CID number and exported to a .csv file for import into other business functions
  14. 14. Here is a screenshot of Nexcopy’s software reading 20 CID numbers
  15. 15. Nexcopy SD Duplicator products are available on Amazon. 20 Target – About $1,000 USD 40 Target – About $2,000 USD 60 Target – About $3,000 USD
  16. 16. https://www.getusb.info/how-to-read-cid-on-sd-card/ MORE INFORMATION https://www.nexcopy.com https://www.sdcard.org