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Turn a USB stick into a Hard Drive or Local Disk

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This step by step tutorial will help change your removeable USB drive into a hard drive or local drive. This means if software out there is required to run from a hard drive, it can now be ran from a flash drive. Way better.

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Turn a USB stick into a Hard Drive or Local Disk

  1. 1. USB Hack Turn a USB Stick Into a Hard Drive or Local Disk
  2. 2. The process of turning a USB stick into a hard drive is fairly easy
  4. 4. EXAMPLE Works best with windows XP operating systems You also need to update the drivers for the device for any computer you are going to use
  5. 5. COUPLE OF ITEMS YOU’LL NEED  USB_LocalDisk.zip files [download here]  Windows XP  USB stick
  6. 6. HERE ARE THE DETAILS  From a running Windows XP system, Insert your USB flash drive  Download USB_LocalDisk.zip and extract. A USB_localDisk folder is created.  From the USB_LocalDisk folder, right click cfadisk.inf and open the file with Notepad or text editor. If Win7 or Win10
  7. 7.  Navigate to line 26 of the cfadisk.inf file. We are going to be editing the section labeled “device_instance_id_goes_here“  From your Windows Desktop, click Start > Run and type devmgmt.msc and click OK  Under Disk drives, locate your USB stick and right click, select Properties.
  8. 8.  Click the Details tab and select the item listed. Use the Ctrl C function to copy this driver for your USB stick
  9. 9.  Next, go back to your open file cfadisk.inf and lets insert the drive code you just copied and update the file. Find the text which says: “device_instance_id_goes_here” should be around line 26. Paste the drive code you have by Ctrl V.  Now click Save. But now we need to update the driver itself.  Click Start > Run > type devmgmt.msc and locate your USB stick again. Right click the device and select “Update Driver”
  11. 11. Install from a list or specific location > Next Don’t Search. I will choose the driver to install > Next Have Disk… Navigate to the location of the “cfadisk.inf” file > click Open Next in the Windows wizard and that’s it! You may need to reconnect your device to the OS
  12. 12. TWO ADDITIONAL TIPS  Save the “cfadisk.inf” on your USB stick so you may use it at different locations when updating your home or work computer.  To partition your USB stick using the Windows utilities you can find that function by
  13. 13. MORE INFORMATION https://www.getusb.info/usb-hack-turn-a- usb-stick-into-a-hard-drive-or-local-disk/ GetUSB is the blog site for it’s parent company, Nexcopy