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HOW MOBILE-SOCIAL IS Moderated by David Berkowitz,  Sr. Director of Emerging Media & Innovation at 360i  @dberkowitz / @36...
David Berkowitz
Download 360i’s Playbooks: Mobile:  mobileplaybook.360i.com Social:  playbook.360i.com
HUB for all announcements &  sharing  The Mobile social app highlighted the best desserts at partner locations; A Mobile G...
Six types of mobile social media  <ul><li>Online social networks on mobile devices </li></ul><ul><li>Share content via soc...
1) Online social networks on mobile devices 200MM+ mobile Facebook users
2) Share content via social channels
Connect mobile sites & apps with social networks
3) Mobile social networks
4) Sharing and streaming content
5) Social gaming
Game mechanics pervade social media:  Meet your benevolent king
Some kingdoms are hard to hold on to
6) Location-based check-in services
Feeling lucky, punk?
Thanks! - Let’s stay in touch <ul><li>David Berkowitz </li></ul><ul><li>@dberkowitz / MarketersStudio.com </li></ul><ul><l...
Noah Elkin
How Mobile-Social is Changing How Brands Connect with Consumers Noah Elkin  Principal Analyst @noahelkin F E B R U A R Y  ...
Social networks  are increasingly the conduit for mobile communication
Mobile social network usage will  more than double  between 2010 and 2015
Location-based services  have surged but aren’t yet mainstream
Geolocation mobile apps serve many niches but tend to be  game-  or  deal-focused
Checking in motivated by prospect of value exchange:  obtaining useful information  and  finding deals
But what happens when the check-in becomes  commoditized? Over 380 Million Check-Ins!
Among mobile marketing channels, marketers are most interested in  geolocation  and  social networks
Marketer spending around location is starting to  ramp up
Location relevance increases the likelihood of  generating  a response  from advertising
Thank you Noah Elkin Principal Analyst Twitter:  @noahelkin Email:  [email_address] Phone: (212) 763-6055
Craig Davis
Tom Dorf
tom@corp.mocospace.com - 347.225.6711
Adam Mirabella
Social Media Week 2011, New York Adam Mirabella Global Director, Digital Media
Mobility will drive the next phase of Internet growth TODAY: 4.6 billion mobile devices 1.6 billion Internet users 450 mil...
Key Trend #1
Key Trend #2 http://www.socialmediaweek.org/nokiaconnects
Key Trend #3
What’s our role?
The Future
Keep the conversation going… <ul><li>David Berkowitz, 360i - @dberkowitz </li></ul><ul><li>Craig Davis, TextualAds - @CraD...
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6) Location-based check-in services

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