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Mobility as a driver of IOT

  1. Internet of Things The New Paradigm
  2. What is IoT? How can app developers break into and monetize on it
  3. IoT connects the physical world to the internet Devices Networks & Connectivity IoT connects billions of sensors and devices like consumer objects and industrial equipment, onto networks High volume of data produced through these sensors and devices are collected and logged onto networks Network inputs are combined analysed and converted into insights for increased efficiency, and smarter decision making People & Processes
  4. IoT not new however. It has been around since 1999
  5. Internet of things today 60 - 100 Will be connected to the internet by 2015 ranging from cars to smart phones to machines. Connected devices will exist by 2020 as per Gartner predictions In built sensors on average exist in most cars released in 2014 26 billion6 billion
  6. Mobility is a driver of iOT The growth of the mobile app industry in the past few years has been enormous. It is already reinvented how organizations deliver value. So, it is only natural that Mobility acts as a bridge between IOT objects and users. IOT device come equipped with mobile apps that can be used to control, track and monitor these smart devices. Tapping into mobility allows IOT providers to bring more value to their devices and offers customers a greater familiarity in the use of new technologies through Smartphones, tablets and wearables. IOT devices coupled with mobility offer more personalized, context-aware and valuable experiences.
  7. Real life examples of applied IOT
  8. Applications of IoT Scenario: Healthcare Access for family in critical care settings Remote patient monitoring by healthcare professionals Patient information access for clinical settings In-hospital patient tracking & Indoor navigation Patient education & wellness monitoring Emergency services in critical need situations
  9. Applications of IoT Scenario: Retail When shopping in the market, the goods will introduce themselves. When entering the doors, scanners will identify the tags on clothing. When paying for the goods, the microchip of the credit card will communicate with checkout reader. When moving the goods, the reader will tell the staff to put a new one.
  10. • Technological standardization are fragmented • Privacy and security • Absence of governance • Network speed & capacity • Standards / Interoperability • Management of Big Data • Application Development / Partner ecosystems • Culture, skills and business processes • New Privacy laws • Managing and fostering rapid innovation is a challenge for governments Risk vs. Reward Monetizing IoT 70% Of the early IoT adopters do not generate revenues from their IoT solutions
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