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Visual Resume

Visual resume for Spencer Waldron created in PowerPoint

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Visual Resume

  1. Spencer WaldronMarketer | Consultant | Speaker
  2. Skills
  3. Basics Nationality : AGE: 38 Married Two Kids Degree: Business Administration
  4. When I am not working I love to…
  5. I was born inStamford, England
  6. I went to the University of Derbyfor HND in Business & Finance
  7. I went to the University of Huddersfieldfor BA Business Administration
  8. Ark CommunicationsMy marketing agency career begins
  9. I worked for this Top5 UK agencyClient: ASDA (top 3 UK supermarket)
  10. GDA Design AgencyClient: Luxury Home Builder
  11. Moved client-side UK’s 2nd largest consumer publisher Promotions ManagerIncreased Revenues and Market Share
  12. Went soul searching…India, Nepal & South East Asia
  13. Landed in Sydney Worked for EMAP Marketing ManagerLaunched Doubled Poll Winners Lonely Planet Website Subscriptions Party Partnership
  14. Back to the UK | 4AM Design AgencySenior Account Manager
  15. Marketing Manager Peterborough & London£million marketing budgetsTV Advertising campaignIncreased market position of Digital PhotoYours magazine subscriptions up by 100% in 1 yearManagement of a Brand Manager and x4 Executives
  16. Backpacking again!Central & South America
  17. Moved to IsraelWebmaster & Internet Marketing | Lumenis
  18. Co-founded 3Sixty Global Marketing
  19. Helped my clients do awesome things…
  20. I’m great at… Turning consumer knowledge into revenue Helping companies, products, and people to standout Managing people
  21. Right now I am most interested in… Hubspot
  22. www.3sixty.co.il