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Selling to The IT Department

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Selling to The IT Department

  1. 1. Selling to the IT Department
  2. 2. The Panel• Paul Boucherle, CPP, CSC – Founder/Principal at Matterhorn Consulting – Founder/Principal at Digital By Design – Extensive background in engineering, IT, security project management, and sales – United States Marine Corps for 4 years – Nearly 35 years in the security business
  3. 3. The Panel• Robert Klohr, CISSP, CPP, CISM – Global Security Manager, Mentor Graphics – Owner, Klohr Consulting, LLC – Over 20 years experience in IT, with a heavy emphasis on security. – Responsible for physical security management at over 80 sites, located in over 30 countries – Retired LTC of the US Army
  4. 4. The Panel• Scott Lord – Executive Officer, All Systems Designed Solutions – Sales management for over 17 years – Assisted in design and implementation of: St. Luke’s Health System East Campus, Excelsior Springs School District & Aguila’s integrated security management system – Guest speaker for A&E industry
  5. 5. The Panel• Jason Canada – Product Manager, 3VR – 12 years in IT industry – MBA, Strategy, Product Mangement from Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business – Specialty in network operations and network engineering
  6. 6. Security and IT Convergence• Current state of the security industry – Typically IT & security groups are separate – However, resources are being shared more and more
  7. 7. IT Pain Points• Bandwidth utilization – How do IP cameras and client applications affect this?• Data security – Does the DVR/NVR present any potential threats to other systems? – What type of encryption (if any) does the DVR use?
  8. 8. IT Pain Points (Cont.)• Manageability – Who maintains the DVR/NVRs? – Do they reside in a data center? – How are patches and software updates distributed and managed?
  9. 9. Designing a security solution with the IT dept• Involve IT early in the design• Understand networking requirements – IP addresses needed – DNS servers – NTP
  10. 10. Designing a security solution with the IT dept (Cont.)• Bandwidth requirements – IP cameras on the corporate network vs. stand- alone camera network – Local & remote client connections• Remote access – What users will need to access the system? – How do they authenticate? – Do the client applications have bandwidth throttling features?
  11. 11. Designing a security solution with the IT dept• Security Audits – Working with IT to ensure they are confident in the data security of the DVR/NVR
  12. 12. Return on Investment (ROI)• When and where do you address this?
  13. 13. Basic vocabulary (if time permits)• Networking – Routers, switches, firewalls – Bandwidth – IP address • DHCP vs. static – Data security – Storage – Encryption
  14. 14. ConclusionQuestions & Answers