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Discover 3D printing and modeling creating your own house !

  1. How to run a 3D modeling and 3D printing workshop for 8-12 years old kids ? The house 1
  2. Why ? How ? What ? Objectives : Allow kids to discover 3D modeling and printing, Take kids through the experience of creating their first personal 3D model, How to : Explain what is 3D printing and how it works, Make kids create simple objects which they are familiar with, and show them the result of their work, Scenario : Show the printer (or videos of it), and introduce 3D modeling, Create a 3D model of a house. Note : modeling a house is a very interesting case for modeling, and kids love it. Nevertheless it might be harder than other objects to print (large volume, interior of the house, small customized details). Thus a very good way to use this content is either : -To introduce 3D modeling on a fun and interesting case, that will not necessarily be printed, for instance on a specific architecture subject, -Or to face 3D printing difficulties and introduce 3D modeling design “rules” (see last slide). 2
  3. Get started with a simple “3D Slash head” and then move to the house 3 An example of a « 3D Slash head » that you will ask kids to design and which will guide them into their first manipulations Then let them 3D model their own house
  4. Sequence steps in a progressive way in 1h30 min’ 5 min’ – Present 3D printing and tell that we are going to build a personal house, 5 min’ – Show the printer working, or a video of a printer (ex : 5 min’ – Introduce basic 3D Slash tools that kids will use to make their own « 3D Slash head », 15 min’ – Kids get started modeling their own « 3D Slash head », 5 min’ – Build a simple house and show a demonstration file, 40 min‘ - Free modeling. Depending on kid’s individual progression, invite them to : Model doors, windows, roof, and then the interior of the house. 15 min’ : Invite kids to present their house and have a look at what others did. 4
  5. FAQ – Frequently asked questions Who is this workshop for ? This workshop have been designed and tested with 8-12 years old kids, Is there any technical skills or knowledge required to attend this workshop ? No particular knowledge nor level is required, All the kids will succeed in making their own « head » and house, Is it necessary to have a 3D printer to run this workshop ? No. It is a plus to have one running during the workshop, it makes it easier to show the link between the 3D model and the object. But you can also illustrate it easily showing pre-printed objects and a video of a printer running, Do you need a computer for each kid, or can they work in pairs ? In both cases they will manage to design the two objects, When on their own they are usually more efficient and tend to go further in the design, Do kids have fun during the workshop ? YES ! Kids are really interested into making their own house, The most advanced ones will start designing the interior or the house, the storey, the furniture. 5
  6. 6
  7. Links to demonstration models 3D Slash head : cbefd8307903ba6c4490955068759e8a376a5ab5&filter=3,0,0,0 House : 2c8fbf03ec76577b05a0b872a7b6c2f6576db29&filter=3,0,0,0 b00458a48f22db4754c55c234096b9ffce4efb3c&filter=3,0,0,0 b79cf3ff0a4d0a05b923154c1e3a127db96c9cb4&filter=3,0,0,0 7
  8. Important notice regarding 3D printing It takes approximately 3h to print a house. Consequently you will have to print a demonstration model BEFORE the workshop to show it to the kids, You can simply open the previous files and click the icon “print in 3D”, Then either download the .STL file to print it on your own 3D printer, or print it online directly from our website clicking “print” at one of our partners. Note : for any question or feedback please contact us at : 8
  9. Optional - 3D printing constraints The “bridge” constraint requires support material : A desktop 3D printer puts layers of material on top of the previous layers. Consequently to make a “bridge” structure, it will require support material. This support material will take time to print and will be difficult to remove in the interior of the house, You can then introduce a dedicated workshop on how to improve designs to print them without support materials. 9 Support material